After stories of being involved with drug and sex scandals, YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun-suk decides to step down from his position.

Things are not looking good for Yang Hyun-suk, after he steps down from his position in YG Entertainment. The whistleblower case involving the K-pop mogul and YG Entertainment founder seemed to have progressed in a short period of time. Which seems to be the reason for his resignation from the company.

The 49-year old record producer Yang Hyun-suk rose to fame during the 1990s. Started off as a dancer for Seo Taiji & The Boys, it gave him an opportunity to try the showbiz industry. Soon after the group disbanded, he founded YG Entertainment. He became founder and chief executive of one of the biggest record labels in South Korea. Under his banner, he produced successful artists such as Big Bang, 2NE1, Winner, iKon, Psy and Blackpink.

Involvement in drug and sex scandals

However, his fame began to topple after one of his former talents from iKon became involved in a string of drug and sex scandals in the industry. Apparently, iKon’s Kim Han-bin or B.I was purchasing drugs from an unknown drug dealer. After he announced his departure from the group, news agency Dispatch discovered KaKao Talk messages dated three years ago that outlined his drug purchases. Not only that, Dispatch accused him of evading police charges as well. As soon as this came into light, YG Entertainment terminated B.I’s contract. However, despite the termination of the contract, it did not exempt YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun-suk from being investigated about corruption and possible covering up for offenders within their midst.

According to reports from Soompi, Yang Hyung-suk has been trying to cover up B.I.’s alleged drug purchases. News agencies and the authorities managed to snag a witness that solidifies the claims against B.I. and YG Entertainment. However, in the previous weeks, YG Entertainment may have tried to interfere with the investigations. This includes reaching out to the witness and asking to change their testimony. Because of the change in behavior and statement of the key witness, it raised the suspicion of the authorities. That someone might have been trying to keep their key witness silent.

In amidst the allegations and controversies, Yang Hyun-suk denied them all. And it resulted to him announcing his departure from YG Entertainment. At the same time, his brother Yang Min-suk announced his decision to step down as the CEO of YG Entertainment just a few days ago.

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