VIRAL: Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia: Best friends?!

“We’re best friends”—this was Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto’s response to clear the rumors about their suspected breakup!

Is this the break-up season? More importantly. is “best friends” the new term for exes? After weeks and weeks of second-guessing and speculations, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto from the very popular loveteam JoshLia broke the news that they decided to go back to where they began, as “the bestest of friends”.


Joshua and Julia never really verbally confirmed being in a relationship with each other, but they would refer to each other as such in social media posts. When they started out making films together in the Metro Manila Film Festival entry, ‘Vince and Kath and James’ which was a spin-off on a chat thread that went viral on Facebook between characters Vince and Kath. And the movie was a hit! We all saw how Joshua’s quirk complemented Julia’s finesse on-screen. They sent us all blushing on the way home with their natural chemistry and “kilig” moments.

Soon enough, the two have starred in several films together, including ‘Love You To The Stars And Back’, a film that highlighted Joshua Garcia’s acting skills more than anything, if you ask me. If you were able to go through this film without crying, you’re a real tough one. Again, this film showed both their versatility as actors as Joshua played a Batangueño who suffered from leukemia and Julia, a girl who lost her mom.

All these films were great, and their presence as a loveteam on-screen was really there, but I think what made a hit out of these is the knowledge that the two aren’t just on-screen partners. We see them posting vacation photos of themselves together and watched how the relationship between the two bloomed.


Much as they never confirmed being officially in a relationship, they also did not verbally confirm its end. The two admitted that their relationship was put to the test as normal couples would and that for now, they decided to remain the bestest of friends. After this, Joshua and Julia had a brief “kulit” moment when asked if they will be able to date other people again given their change of status. Surprisingly, their answers did not refer to dating other people. Instead, it still gravitated toward dating each other. “Malay mo, yayain nya ako makipag-date!” Joshua quipped. Julia also joked that she would be the one making efforts this time, even referring to Joshua’s previous choir surprise to her.”

Speculations started when Julia started posting photos on her Instagram account, talking about the “peace” that she recently found. And she was not referring to a person. As for the reason of the change of status, the two asked that we leave it to them, wishing to keep it private.

Still JoshLia

Fans need not worry, though. JoshLia is very much alive! They still seemed comfortable in each other’s presence. We think this would be no reason for them to stop working together. We’d be sad if they aren’t really together anymore, but this could be an indication that we could be expecting more projects from the two! And we’re not losing hope that they’d be back together again if it’s true that they’ve broken up, but we’ll cross the bridge when we get there!

The two also denied allegations of people trying to link Gerald Anderson, Julia’s newest on-screen partner in her latest movie to their decision. In fact, the two denied any allegations regarding a third-party.

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