Fans already started the petitioning party on Twitter for the love team JoshAne to return! Are you in it or nah?

The fire has only gotten hotter since news about Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson broke out. And while some may say it’s a bad case of karma for Bea Alonzo, a lot are pretty sympathetic for Julia’s previous partner, Joshua Garcia. As a result, fans are actually suggesting he gets back to his olde love team, JoshAne, with Jane Oineza!

Still in good terms

We know that Joshua and Julia still have a movie together coming out. And by the looks of it, Block Z is definitely going to be the zombie movie of our nightmares! This being said, a lot of us couldn’t wait to see it. It would be pretty weird to see them together after the issue, to be honest. But as far as we know it, they’re in good terms! Julia even shared in her Instagram stories how Joshua encouraged her by trying to make the whole situation lighter with a bit of humour.

It’s nothing to be surprised about, though. Even after the two confirmed the change of status to becoming just best friends, they are seen to be comfortable around each other. Joshua never mentioned anything about the alleged cheating of Gerald Anderson and even denied that the cause of the supposed breakup was a third party.

#JoshAne Party

Once again, Twitter did it for us. Now that issues have relatively died down, fans feel that Joshua Garcia deserves a better pair for a love team. And Jane Oineza was the top pick!

We couldn’t help but point out that Joshua Garcia’s acting skills are beyond superb without any doubt. Being dubbed as the modern John Lloyd Cruz, he’s got the ability to make you cry and laugh in the span of a minute. I think we have to give credit also, to Joshua’s face that can be really cutesie and adorable when needed. But it is also that cutesie face that makes us cry when things don’t go well for his character in the films he does. He just has the knack for making us all root for his character and so we break when he breaks.

This being said, we think that it can work out with Jane Oineza! As fellow former Pinoy Big Brother housemates, Joshua used to pursue Jane but decided not to continue in order to focus on his career. Bummer! They really did have the chemistry that we all loved. And who knows? Maybe the wish-granting gods would hear us and finally allow JoshAne to return as a love team.

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