Goldilocks ka GhOrL?”

Ahh, cake, the one thing I thought human beings can agree on. But this hilarious Twitter exchange about cake has proven me wrong. So if you ever found yourself on Twitter yesterday afternoon, December 3, and was curious why Red Ribbon and Goldilocks started trending. Well, buckle in, because this is by far the pettiest Twitter feud we’ve seen in a while!

Let the cake wars begin!

So it started when a Twitter user named Tito Maroon, with the handle @maroontito, tweeted his thoughts about the declining quality of cake by Red Ribbon.

And TBH, he’s not wrong! And a lot of other users agreed.

And honestly, we see no problem in this tweet either. Especially since it’s true. I mean I would absolutely welcome this kind of conversation. Sis, let’s sit down and talk about the declining quality of the two major cake brands. And how it’s the fault of the ongoing monopolization of Jollibee in the food industry. And while we’re at it let’s talk about all the other underrated bakeshops too! I’m game for the conversation!

So we just don’t get why this girl had a problem with it.

It started with a simple inquiry to Tito Maroon’s tweet asking what his problem was, and further inquired why he was angry or galit na galit.

Twitter police, much?

And from here things got heated, very quickly…

Bruh, how Tito Maroon replied made us stan!

We have a feeling this girl just wants someone to fight with. But Tito Maroon ain’t biting!

And there you have it, folks! I’m sure ya’ll can find the rest of the drama on your own. Overall, we loved how Tito Maroon handled ate girl, he was just so chill about everything. Meanwhile, she was so agitated, and all because of cake! This is seriously the funniest and pettiest Twitter feud we’ve seen in a while, and it honestly made our day. In the end, cake is cake. So let’s all just eat some cake and chill, shall we?

So did you find this Twitter exchange about cake hilarious? Or are you also fiercely offended about Tito Maroon’s opinion on Red Ribbon cakes? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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