In just one month ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ has earned over P880 million! And it is now the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time!

Congratulations Kathryn and Alden! It was just last month on August 8, that ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ was released. But now #HelloMuchLoveWorld sits on the number one spot of Philippine Twitter trends. And that’s because earlier this evening Star Cinema’s official Twitter account just revealed that ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ has now earned 800, 603, 490 million pesos! And making it the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time today!

‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’

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Star Cinema

We are telling you this now, if haven’t watched ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ yet: GO. RIGHT. NOW. So just drop what you’re doing and just go! Go to the cinemas, grab yourself some popcorn, and just bask in this great film. The announcement for their achievement came straight from the HLG Thanksgiving party tonight, along with praises for Alden Richards⁠—who was technically “borrowed” from GMA 7. So here are some tweets from Star Cinema’s official account on the emotional messages that went down between the cast and crew:

‘The Hows of Us’

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It’s official! ‘The Hows of Us’ has been beat! Of course, Kathryn Bernardo can’t be too sad about that. After all, she now stars in the top two highest-grossing Filipino films of all-time. ‘The Hows of Us’ comfortably sat as the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time for only a year. Because the film was released on August 2018. Kathryn Bernardo is definitely still rising, and we are claiming it! We’re sure we’ll see greater things from her.

Again, congratulations to ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ because you’ve made history today! And hopefully, this is just the beginning for Filipino films in the international scene. Because this is a good sign that Philippine cinema can shine on the world stage. And we’re definitely hoping for better and bigger things to come.

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