Have you joined the Dolomite Challenge?

Finally! A portion of the infamous Manila Bay shore is now covered in artificial white sand made from Cebu’s freshly mined dolomite rock. Based on Harry Roque’s understanding of mental health, the Boracay-like scenery coupled with the magnificent sunset view and the absence of garbage stink is supposed to be good for your brain especially during these trying times. So maybe– just maybe– all the mentally struggling people listened to him and flocked to the place.

Since the opening day of the new Manila Bay, many of our countrymen have been nothing but pumped up to see the big changes, hence all the photos circulating online showing how excited they are, or how big their need is for some mental healing. Rappler, a Philippine news website, has perfectly captured the scene into a photograph.



If you’re wondering why your social media feeds are suddenly flooded with beach pics, it’s because of this so-called Dolomite Challenge.

The #DolomiteChallenge, or #ManilaBayChallenge, is a new internet craze that pokes fun at the people crowding the new Manila Bay. Akin to a usual online challenge, it follows a certain format, and for this one, people are supposed to post side by side photos of Rappler’s and their own previously taken selfie at a real beach. The intention is to give the impression that the challenger is the one gaining the attention of the crowd instead of the beach.

Famous TikToker and online influencer Macoy Dubs is one of the challengers, tweeting a photo of himself as himself (not as Auntie Julie) posing fiercely at the beach.

Local volleyball athletes Aby Maraño and Rachel Anne Daquis also took the chance to share their throwback beach photo, flaunting their impressive figure and skin as bright as the sun above.



Blogger/Twitter influencer PinoyAkoBlog also did not pass up the challenge, posting her own throwback beach pic taken during the time when we were still allowed to travel anywhere we desire.

Is this the right time to celebrate?

While it’s understandable that the rehabilitated Manila Bay looks inviting, it doesn’t mean that you’re actually invited to physically come to the place. In case you forgot, the country is still grappling with the problems brought by the global pandemic, and one of the ways a regular citizen like us can help solve them is by staying at home and practicing social distancing when going outside. It’s actually not a favor we’re being asked for; it’s each and every one’s responsibility to stick to the protocols until the pandemic is over.

And it’s not like you’ve never been to a real beach before. We get that you’ve been longing to experience something that will pull you out of the mentally draining cycle of our quarantined lives at least for once– such as, you know, hitting the beach– but there’s a right time for that. If you really wanna get your dose of vitamin sea as soon as possible, don’t be part of the problem. 

Have you joined the #DolomiteChallenge?

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