VIRAL: Felix (PewDiePie) finally got married!

After 8 years, one of the biggest Youtube stars, PewDiePie, finally got married to his long-term girlfriend, Marzia!

In an unexpected turn of events, YouTube sensation, Felix Kjellberg is known as PewDiePie, seals the deal with his long-term partner, Marzia Bisognin. After 8 years of being together, they have tied the knot, once and for all.

We are married!!! I’m the happiest I can be. I’m so lucky to share my life with this amazing woman.”

Felix announced the good news on Twitter, a few hours ago. He posted a few snaps of his new wife and their big day. The quaint yet bodacious looking wedding ceremony took place at London’s Kew Gardens. Of course, without the prying eyes of media.

The wedding everyone’s all waiting for

No one really saw the wedding coming. A few days ago, Felix announced in a video that he is excited to marry Marzia. And in that video, it had everyone anticipating that a wedding will happen. But not anytime soon. Surely, this took everyone by surprise.

Marzia also shared a few photos of the romantic wedding in her Instagram account. The photos featured her clad in a lace wedding dress, kissing her husband Felix, sporting an all-black suit. It looked surreal like it’s straight from a fairytale.

It would be an understatement not to say that everyone’s been waiting for this day to come. For 8 years, we’ve seen how their relationship blossomed. From being just two fellow Youtubers to being partners up until to being husband and wife. It might have been long, but it’s worth the wait. The Minecraft Youtuber and the fashion vlogger has shown that love blooms at its own pace. Cheers to the newly wedded couple!

What can you say about the romantic picturesque wedding of PewDiePie and Marzia? Excited to see how a new chapter in their lives will unfold as husband and wife? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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