Today, EXO’s Chen announced to fans that he is getting married and having a baby and… they are not unhappy.

In simpler terms, EXO-Ls wish only the best for Chen, his girlfriend aka future wife and future baby.

Earlier today, EXO‘s Chen (or Jongdae) went trending on different social media sites. As we went to check why, we were honestly not expecting the reason behind it. Because apparently, Chen announced today on EXO’s official fan community that he is getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend and more shockingly, he’s going to be a father (and to a baby boy!) soon.

Yeah honestly at first, we had to check twice if the source is legit. More hilariously, we even checked the date twice to make sure it isn’t April 1st today. However upon finding out that it really is true, we just became really glad. After all, he deserves a normal life too outside his activities in the Korean entertainment industry. Just check out his letter as translated by a fan below.

The news were shocking because of the fact that we can really be clueless about some idols’ private lives. Because more often, Dispatch reveals it without their consent. But honestly, we are really happy for Chen. Moreover, it is good that his group’s fans are being supportive towards him and to his future family.

Also, can you imagine that in two months, a small baby may look exactly like Chen? AAAGH, we are just super excited for him too!

How EXO-Ls feel about Chen’s shocking revelations

Aside from the truths that EXO’s main vocalist shared though, it was a bit nerve-wracking to see how other fans would react. After all, news about dating and other personal activities are often frowned upon by K-pop fans – especially in Korea itself. So when we saw that under the trending tweets almost everyone was being supportive, we were relieved.

Just check out some tweets of EXO-Ls below and their thoughts on Chen’s announcement.

What do you think of these news? Also, how do you feel upon EXO-Ls being really supportive towards Chen? Let us know your thoughts or opinions by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.