Since the enhanced community lockdown began, many companies have had to shut down offices and resort to work-from-home setup.

And as it turns out, working remotely is not an easy task. Our house and our office are two completely different worlds, and when you combine them, the result is work-from-home fails that are painfully embarrassing to those who experienced them and straight-up hilarious to those who would hear about it. Here are the best one we’ve encountered on the internet in recent weeks.

Please Remind Ryan

When you’re on your WFH duty, tt’s really important to remind the people you live with of basic things, such as don’t talk loudly, knock first before entering your room, and yeah, wear some damn clothes.

Always consider your wall

Our house decorations are reflections of us, but you don’t want your boss to catch a glimpse of your dirty sense of humor through the objects behind you in a zoom meeting.

Make it 95%

You let others do the talking because you didn’t understand a thing your boss just discussed or you simply don’t wanna talk. But as it turns out, your workmates expect the same from you, so your meetings become trampled with awkward silences. 90% as said on the tweet may not be enough.

Nice try, but take it down

Because zoom meetings can be a tad more sleep-inducing than regular face-to-face meetings, you may get caught up wanting to make things interesting by going creative with your backgrounds. Sadly, not everyone in your office shares the same knack for fun as you.

The most unforgettable one

This content has been making rounds on the internet since the early days of lockdown. Well, this must be the most hilarious and unforgettable work-from-home fail up to date.

Any WFH fail you’ve experienced?

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