People of the internet, in case you missed it, Emma Stone is already engaged. Sadly, it is not with Andrew Garfield.

Don’t get us wrong, we are happy for Emma Stone and her engagement to her long-time boyfriend, Dave McCary. But honestly, we didn’t even know that she was in a relationship because of how they kept it low-key. To be frank, all this time we were even hoping for her and Andrew Garfield to get back together! So because of this news, we just feel like it’s ‘La La Land’ all over again.

However, as fans of the two actors who have dated on and off over the years, we just have to be happy for them both as they lead on their individual lives. Moreover, Emma Stone looks so happy as seen in her fiancee’s Instagram post which you can check out below.

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Sporting such a big smile, you could clearly see how Emma is happily in love with Dave, her boyfriend for two years and now-fiancée. These two met way back in 2016 when the ‘La La Land’ award-winning actress hosted the American variety show ‘Saturday Night Live‘. And who just happens to work there but her soon-lifetime partner, Dave McCary?

For SNL, McCary is a segment director and writer. However, they were only romantically linked in 2017 and since then, they have kept things a bit discreet.

La La Land in real life?

If you have watched ‘La La Land’, you would know that things ended well in the story but not too much. Yes, the main characters led happy lives but of which we didn’t expect. Emma Stone’s character became successful as an actress and got married to some other guy; and Ryan Gosling’s found his own success when he finally started his own jazz bar.

In comparison, it feels like the movie is happening in real life. This time, the guy is Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone’s past boyfriend who she also dated for over four years. Somehow, we fans feel like they could’ve still ended back together, but now they both have very different lives which we should just be happy for.

So for now, congratulations to Emma Stone and Dave McCary!

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