Gigi Hadid literally became a fashion police for Chanel when a prankster infiltrated the runway!

Last Tuesday during Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week show, a comedian decided to crash on the runway with her monochrome tweed suit.

Marie Benoliel, a YouTuber, seemingly blended into the line of models as she infiltrated the stage and walked with her mom’s own Chanel suit. Because of that, the guards of the venue failed to identify her from the runway group.

That is until fashion icon and Instagram supermodel Gigi Hadid personally stopped her and escorted her out of the runway.

Watch how the full ordeal happened in the video below!

Why though?

The prankster, Marie Benoliel, is a comedian known for infiltrating public events and situations. In fact, she goes by the name Marie s’Infiltre on YouTube and her biography reads:

“Marie infiltrates everywhere, to better reveal the comic reality that is hidden in the news!”

In her channel, she uploaded her very own video compilation of what happened during her catwalk. Moreover, we could also see that she did the same thing to an Etam Live Show. Watch it here!

Going back, in her Chanel infiltration video, there was a long French caption underneath. So as detectives that we are, we’ve decided to Google Translate it in order to understand more. Here’s an interesting part that we got:

It is good to break in by inventing many myths at fifteen checkpoints, then infiltrate without disturbing anyone and roll the ball on the most prestigious catwalk in the world! Where everyone makes a funeral head and takes himself very very seriously…

The goal of all this infiltration was, as she said, to “show how funny some situations and sometimes extreme behaviors are…”

In our opinion, what she did was unnecessary and disrespectful.  However, it also seems to serve as performance art, making a satirical statement about our society.

Gigi Hadid looked really cool though when she escorted the prankster out of the runway. She was somehow like, “Marie, you do note!”

What did you think about this Chanel runway prank? Do you think what Marie Benoliel did was okay? Share with us your thoughts through the comments below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter.