Please don’t try this at home without parental guidance.

Renowned American illusionist David Blaine is back at it again flexing his not-dying abilities on the Grim Reaper.

His latest stunt called ‘Ascension’ will remind you of the classic Pixar film, ‘Up,’ as it is literally flying up in the air using a colorful bunch of balloons. Wearing only a harness, David Blaine ascended 24,900 feet over the Arizona desert holding 52 helium-filled balloons.

“Every single stunt that I’ve ever done is about endurance and pushing past what I thought would be possible,” Blaine said before the ascent. “I can’t imagine that many people would dream of doing it.”

While he initially targeted the goal of 18,000 feet high, he ended up flying thousands of feet higher because as he stared down from the clouds he probably thought there wasn’t enough danger, yet. Blaine went back safely on the ground skydiving and parachuting.

“Wow!” exclaimed the magician upon landing. “That was awesome!”

David Blaine is famous for his magic tricks and extremely ambitious stunts that require high feats of endurance. A quick Google search regarding his background would lead you to stunt titles like, “Buried Alive,” “Dive of Death,” “Drowned Alive,” and “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On.” These should give you an idea of how powerful this guy is.

David Blaine’s ‘Ascension’ live-streamed on Youtube on September 2. Youtube, which funded the performance, said the stunt set the record as the most-watched YouTube Originals live event with over 770,000 viewers.

Watch the ‘Up-inspired’ death-defying stunt below!


What’s your favorite trick by David Blaine?

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