#24BarsChallenge is an internet craze among musical artists wherein they would be assigned by those who’d already taken the challenge to come up with their own rap song and perform it. 

Filipino rap artist Curtismith killed it with his creation.

“I’m conflicted as to who’s the real virus”


i been chilling what it do, fuck corona homie
while im locked up in the room, like the doctors told me
koko pimentels chopping up the truth
i been saying fuck the government watch em try to shoot
while the youth getting educated

Entitled “#MarkBeats24BarChallenge #ProtectVico,” Curtismith’s entry revolves around the issue of the national government’s incompetencies, especially when it comes to responding to the growing needs of its people amidst the global pandemic in the country. It also highlights the government’s questionable issuance of a subpoena for Pasic City mayor Vico Sotto for allegedly violating the Bayanihan Law.

In the video, Curtismith starts off giving a shoutout to NBI, followed by a fiery laugh that sets the tone for the fire he’s about to spit. He then proceeds to rapping about the enhanced community quarantine, the controvertial use of military power to mitigate the virus outbreak, and VIP testing conducted by politicians.


The tag #ProtectVico has been included in the title of his video. As we’ve mentioned, the 30-year-old public servant received a summon from the (NBI) requiring him to appear at their office on April 7 to explain a violation of a quarantine policy. Knowing Vico’s pure intentions for his people and his undeniably effective measures to keep things under control in his city, the mass is alarmed by this move from the national government.

Curtismith is just like one of the many triggered ones, criticizing our leaders for their disagreeable ways of dealing with the crisis. And it’s both beautiful and admirable that the rap artist made use of his art to express his voice. 

You can actually go on Twitter and search for #24BarsChallenge. There you’ll see a myriad of artists coming together to use music as a platform for their thoughts regarding the COVID-19 situation and all the economic and social issues that come with it.

What do you think of Curtismith’s #24BarsChallenge entry?

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