7 eleven vs Ministop! Up for a good laugh? Then check out the hilarious convenience store wars that surfaced all over Facebook and made a lot of netizens laugh!

Bet on your horses, already! Convenience stores have started a very funny war between them and it has gotten so entertaining!

We all love convenience stores. Who doesn’t? When you’re not up to do any cooking, you get food there. Emergency supplies? They got you covered. Plus, convenience stores offer products that are unique to each of them that makes us want to actually go there. Personally, I love 7 Eleven’s Slurpee, but when I’m up for something sweeter, I’d go to Ministop to get a Chillz and a Kariman. These delicious and very unique products are also very affordable, it wouldn’t break the bank.

What more, these stores are very accessible! We can find them in almost every corner. When time and situation forbid, convenience stores are our go-to because they are usually always open 24/7. I mean, if you’re ever craving for ice-cream at 3 am, who are we to judge, right?

7 Eleven vs Ministop

Just recently, the two convenience stores have started something of an online war over Facebook posts. The reason why it’s so funny is that these things are probably what the stores would actually say if they could speak. Full disclosure, we’re not sure if the ones posting these are actual employees of the convenience stores or just random convenience store goers who have noticed these things!

For the first wave, it’s Ministop vs. 7 Eleven! These two are the two biggest convenience stores dominating the Philippines. If I do say so myself, we could consider them business rivals. These posts give us a lighter take on the store’s rivalry and turn it into something we can laugh about. Joes were thrown about Ministop employees owning 7 Eleven reward cards, and 7 Eleven employees buying Ministop’s famous Uncle John’s fried chicken!

But of course, other stores couldn’t help but pitch in, too!

In conclusion, lots of convenience store pages have joined in on the fun, too! But we know there are good things about each of them, so let’s not go bashing their products. It helps to remember that these posts aren’t to be taken seriously, and sometimes a good laugh doesn’t hurt!

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