Chachi Gonzales makes it official by announcing that she has something brewing in her tummy!

We have loved Chachi Gonzales for her sick dance moves, but now I guess we’re gonna love her even more. In addition to being a great dancer and an icon, she’s gonna finally be a mom!

In a 4-minute YouTube video, Chachi, along with her fiancé Jukka Hilden happily announced that they are now expecting their first child! And we couldn’t be happier for them!

When I tell you that Chachi looked absolutely happy in this video, I mean it.


When we hear the name Chachi, one thing comes to mind– dance. Chachi Gonzales has made her name very well-known in the world of dancing. If you have a friend who likes to dance, that friend most probably have watched one or two of Chachi’s choreography videos. My personal favorite was the one where she did ‘Bang!’.

Chachi Gonzales or Olivia Irene Gonzales first rose to popularity when the group she belonged in called ‘I AM ME’ joined World of Dance, a group dance competition. As a solo artist, Chachi did collabs for choreography and taught in workshops about which she posted YouTube videos. I’m not sure if it’s just a Chachi thing, but after she performs a routine, her students would always throw her shoes towards her as sort of a sign of respect or as if to say that she did well. All of this is not surprising, though. A pretty girl who can dance that well? Chachi might as well have the word “famous” written all over her forehead.

Past relationships

Chachi, just like any celebrity has lived her life mostly online. Fabs followed her personal life as much as they did her dance steps.

Ian Eastwood and Chachi Gonzales were the perfect dancing couple. They would do dance choreography together, the most famous one being their routine for ‘Fall’. Hundreds of fans tried to learn the routine, even creating slowed down versions of the video so they can follow closely.

While most people were avid shippers of the Ian-Chachi team, their relationship sadly did not last. After a short while, Chachi was reported to be dating Josh Leyva. They made YouTube videos together!

And in 2018, she was engaged to her partner Jukka Hilden, her baby’s father.

A baby!

Most of us were pleasantly surprised when Chachi announced her pregnancy! After being inactive from YouTube for quite a long time, Chachi showed up with a glorious baby bump. They still do not know about the baby’s gender and are addressing the baby as an ‘it’.

Nonetheless, the couple stated that they couldn’t wait till next week for the announcement and that they want their viewers to be a part of their journey with them!

Will Chachi get back to dancing soon? We don’t know for sure, but we do hope so, maybe after the pregnancy! Are you thrilled with the news of Chachi Gonzales being pregnant? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.