Public service announcement to you all: Filipino gymnast and gold medalist Carlos Yulo now has his own Twitter account!

After becoming the first ever Filipino to win the gold medal in a world gymnastics championship, Carlos Yulo has been breaking the internet. First, because of his remarkable talent, passion and the immense pride that he brought to the country. And second, because of his undeniable cuteness. Have you seen how adorable he just is?

Well, in case you haven’t, check out a photo of him below.

Oops, wrong tweet! We’re really sorry – not sorry – for that guys. Apparently, the post above is one where he just happened to show off his wonderful body structure a.k.a his abs. Totally unimpressive, right? (Who are we kidding though?)

Check out how adorable he is for real in the photo below.

And yes, he just posted those photos in his official Twitter account! After a fake account has been set up claiming his identity, he finally went on the blue bird app himself with the handle @c_edrielzxs.

So if you haven’t been following him yet, what are you waiting for? He’s literally giving us Filipinos the daily dose of pandesal that we need, so why are you still reading this article? Go on and follow him now! And after that, please return to this article because we have more thoughts on him that you may relate to.

The award-winning and adorable gymnast

If you did already follow him though, we hope that you are also appreciating his posts as much as we are. Because if you have checked his account, he even went live today just to share his performance in the SEA Games 2019. Watch him go on the parallel bars in his video below!

Isn’t he just so talented and precious? Ugh, we just want to pinch those cute cheeks! So irresistible and so very freakin’ cute! Does this guy even have a flaw? Grr.

So Carlos Yulo, we just want you to know that we wish you all the success, medals and happiness in the world. We love seeing you pursue your passion and now, we thank you for including us in this athletic journey of yours by letting us be your followers on Twitter.

Because by just simply seeing the adorable you and your tweets everyday, our days are a lot brighter. 🙂

What do you think of Carlos Yulo and how adorable he is? Are you planning to follow him on Twitter or are you already following him? Share with us your thoughts or opinions by commenting down below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.