The year is coming to an end and we need to take a recap! On Twitter, you can check out the hashtag #ThisHappened2019.

As avid users of the blue bird app, we know that there are a lot of many different things that people talk about there. We ourselves often insert into Twitter conversations on politics, entertainment, gossip, games, and of course, music. So when we learned that the most tweeted about musician in 2019 is BTS, we weren’t shocked at all. With an enormous ARMY fanbase spanning through different continents and even generations, what did you expect?

Under a thread with the hashtag #ThisHappened2019, Twitter Data shared the top things that we all talked about this 2019. Check out their infographics by looking at the tweet below and reading more from this article.


Other than the top spot for musicians people tweeted about this 2019, BTS also grabbed the title for having the most retweeted tweet for this year. Initially though, they just came in 2nd after the ‘World Record Egg’. But with the undeniable power of the ARMY fueled by the adorable goofiness of Jungkook, they stole that top spot alright.

Check out the announcement below and while you’re at that, watch the youngest BTS member energetically dance to ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish.

Other than BTS and Jungkook, the other Top Things on Twitter for 2019 are as follows. The Avengers: Endgame is the top movie talked about worldwide; Top TV show is Game of Thrones; and the cutiepie Tom Holland is the top actor that is most tweeted about in 2019.

Somehow we all saw these results coming though, right?

Were you surprised with the results of this year’s Twitter recap? Do you have any objections or violent reactions about it?

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