Have you seen Lisa’s new Dance Performance Video?! We’re telling you, that girl got some ~moves~ Find out more here:

We all know it’s winter but why are we feeling hot?! Perhaps you might also want to check out BLACKPINK’s Lisa Manoban’s latest Dance Performance Video. The mind-blowing routine was uploaded to YouTube on Friday and immediately garnered 200k views in the first hour!

Don’t believe us? Catch the video right here! A little warning though, you might just melt from Lisa’s hotness!

The 1-minute video was just enough to cause a panic attack with Lisa giving us that baddie sassy look and those hot-off-the-pan moves. You can see BLACKPINK’s main dancer and lead rapper popping to the groove of DaniLeigh’s Cravin feat. G-Eazy. The person who’s responsible for this sick choreography is none other than Cheshir Ha.

As of now, the video has already 700k views and the hashtag #LILIDANCE2 trended on Twitter. Because, well, why not?!

And for y’all who’s new to Lisa’s dancing vids, this definitely ain’t her first time collaborating with Cheshir Ha. Last August, Lisa also uploaded a video of her swaying to the rhythm of  ROSALÍA’s MALAMENTE. And the only thing we can say is, “Damn, Lisa!”

See her video here:

What do you think of Lisa’s 2nd Dance Performance Video? And how did you feel after watching it? We’ve got to admit we’re kinda sweaty. And did your heart also went doki doki for her? ‘Cuz ours definitely did! Expect more videos from her in the future!

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