If you weren’t aware, the four girls of BLACKPINK just went to Indonesia for the launching event of Samsung’s Galaxy A.

While we are patiently – but struggling in doing so – waiting for BLACKPINK’s comeback, here are some news from their recent appearance in Indonesia.

If you weren’t updated of the news, BLACKPINK just recently came to Indonesia for an event by Samsung called #AWESOMELIVE. And because all four members of the group are all ambassadors for the brand, Samsung Indonesia invited them for the launching of the Galaxy A.

Moreover, an exclusive meeting was also prepared for the fans to see Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa personally. Of course, BLINKS from Indonesia and even from other places didn’t let the opportunity to see the girl group pass.

Honestly though, the most notable part of that event for us was when celebrity and fangirl Ella Cruz was able to perform “DDU-DU-DDU-DU” in front of BLACKPINK themselves.

Check out some posts from the very thrilled BLINK below.

As we can obviously see, the K-pop group themselves were thrilled from the amazing performance too. After all, Ella Cruz is a really good dancer. But it doesn’t stop there, because Ella was also able to pose for a photo op with BLACKPINK which you check out in her Instagram account. To this we say, sana all.


However, one other thing which caught our attention was the hashtag #JennieDeservesBetter. It trended for a while on Twitter earlier today as fans were asking people to respect Jennie and so, our curiosity as to what happened perked up.

Apparently though, the said BLACKPINK member was mistreated by some people from the event. Check out the details from the tweet below.

In accordance, fans have expressed their disgust as to how Jennie was disrespected. Because on a side note, her birthday was just days away! Check out the thoughts of some concerned BLINKS below.

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