After many months of inactivity as K-pop idols, BLACKPINK is reportedly going to make their comeback soon.

It has been exactly 239 days since ‘Kill This Love‘ by BLACKPINK came out and since then, the fans have been impatiently but tirelessly waiting for another comeback.

Because of this, BLINKS have also been urging the K-pop girl group to leave YG Entertainment. Apparently, mismanagement and lack of promotion poses a big problem for the girls. After all, YG’s reputation in handling their idols is not especially good. Just read one sentiment from a Twitter user below which makes a lot of sense.

However, some good news came out this morning as BLACKPINK trended for a little bit on the blue bird social media app. As reports say, a comeback is happening next year in 2020 and they are already recording songs for an album. Finally, the dry content season is almost over and we are ready af. We are ready for you Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa to slay us once again!

BLINKS are hanging by a thread

Because of this, of course, BLACKPINK’s fans went wild. Apparently though, some are more pessimistic about it because of how their supposedly November 2019 comeback was also pushed back. But to fend it all off, an announcement came from YG Entertainment themselves to assure us all. Check it out below.

We have not set a specific date but they are aiming to make a comeback early in 2020. The BLACKPINK members are currently recording multiple new songs for their upcoming album.

We are still discussing about a specific schedule. We ask for your understanding.

— YG Entertainment

Of course, a lot of fans are still psyched enough to see the girls perform new music again. Look at some tweets below of BLINKS who are just psyched and hyped for the upcoming comeback!

There is no specific date yet, but hold on tight for more details which hopefully – we’re crossing our fingers – will be released soon!

How about you though? What did you think of this news? Do you believe that a comeback is really in the works?

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