VIRAL: Baron Geisler proposed to Jaime Evangelista!

Love truly is in the air, and Baron Geisler is giving us our dose of “kilig” this month. It’s official, he just got engaged with Jaime Evangelista!

Amidst all the chaos in the entertainment industry these past few days, there is still some good news. Baron Geisler finally proposed to his non-showbiz girlfriend, Jamie Evangelista, and it is simply beautiful.

Even before, Baron has been open about his plans of marrying Jamie, and it was just recently when he said he wanted to make it official. What happened was that the two had a 2-day promotional shoot in Cebu and the second day happened to be Jamie’s birthday. And what she expected to be just a shooting day and a surprise birthday party turned into something more!

After the shoot, Jamie’s family reportedly gathered to the venue for the birthday surprise. Baron had a chocolate cake in his hand and when Jamie took the cake, he then gave his message and kneeled down on one knee, asking for Jamie’s hand! We learned this from The Wedding Library (for which they did the promotional shoot) after they posted the photos on their Instagram page.

Simply beautiful

It was nothing grand. Just a birthday celebration. Baron was not even dressed his best, but it was simply beautiful. We can tell because the smiles on their faces say it all! There’s something about just being on the beachfront that feels so raw and romantic even if it was just a simple proposal.

What more, the couple weren’t really showy about it. They love in private and do these things in private, but in the act, you can really feel their love for each other. We couldn’t wait ’till these two love birds get married!

The love she found in him

Despite having been dating only since 2018, the two got engaged already. But love knows no time, and when two people feel that time is right, no one can say that it’s too soon!

Baron had been in Cebu after he underwent rehabilitation treatment. And it’s pretty symbolic that he chose to propose here, don’t you think? New beginnings. commitments. A road to life-long promises. It’s beautiful how Jamie found her diamond in the rock, and that despite the ‘Ang Probinsyano’ actor’s not-so-pleasant image in the entertainment industry, he had someone who believed in him.

I think the most beautiful thing about their relationship is how they share beliefs on how God is the captain of their ship and the center of their relationship. I mean, you never really expect it to come from a Baron Geisler. Tough, rock-hard and sometimes even intimidating with the roles he plays in the movies. It’s really new to see this side to him, but it only proves that everyone is capable of love, no matter how tough they look.

Because of this, the proposal just draws out our best “Sana all!” Heart-eyed and believing in love again, aren’t we? How about you? How do you feel about Baron’s proposal? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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