A$AP Rocky did ROCK Manila when he came here to perform. But no one foresaw the unexpected (and disappointing) turn of events!

A$AP Rocky visited the Philippines last April 4 to perform a show at XYLO Night Club. After the event, XYLO posted pictures of the artist saying he was on fire that night, and frankly, we couldn’t agree more!

Everyone was singing along to the songs, just enjoying the concert. However, the turn of events could not have been expected. A fan has been seen grabbing A$AP Rocky’s shoe while he was sitting on the edge of the stage. He evidently didn’t like what the fan did so he took his shoe back and called the fan closer to him. The fan did not oblige, though, which made the artist shout “The fuck is you doing crawling on the floor, stupid?” And we could ask the same question.

Why, though?

The only thing that baffles me right now is, why steal a shoe? I mean, if you’re in a concert, I think your first purpose would be to see the artist perform and appreciate his music. But why a shoe? We don’t know who the guy is yet, and we’re not judging him because maybe he liked the shoe that much. Maybe he wanted to keep it as a memory of meeting his idol. Who knows, right? But he only yanked one of A$AP Rocky’s shoe, so evidently, he wouldn’t be able to use it either way. Not that we’re saying he should’ve gotten both, we’re just confused about the motive of this shoe culprit.

Whatever the reason is, we still think it’s inappropriate to just get something that’s another person’s property. If people can buy VIP tickets, I’m pretty sure they can also afford a pair of shoes and some class.

Watch the video for yourself and let us know what you think!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLofP40Cv38[/embedyt]

The Filipino’s toxic fandom

The Filipinos have been known to love their idols real hard. They defend them from everyone who bashes them. They support their every cause. But sometimes, this love also goes overboard.

Is toxic too much of a word to describe it? We have seen this same scenario happen so many times before. For instance, a concert by Coke Studio late last year was postponed. This was because of fans misbehaving, pushing, jumping over barricades, and even throwing bottles. BLACKPINK hasn’t ushered a proper welcome to the Philippines, too, because of the chaos caused by over-excited fans who went so far as to jump over barricades and even climb cars just to get a view of the girl group. BTS also had a terrible experience during one of their concerts here because fans misbehaved and even stole posters. These are just some of the examples, but the list goes on.

The Filipinos can really improve as fans. As much as these people are famous and we have spent our time loving them, they are still human beings deserving of respect. What some of the fans do oftentimes jeopardize the safety and comfort of both the artists and other fans who just wanted to enjoy the concerts. This misbehavior might as well be the reason that some artists would not want to return to our country.

A$AP Rocky hasn’t issued a statement about the event yet, as well as XYLO. We can only hope that this doesn’t happen again and that we learn from it. What do you think? Do you agree that Filipino fans could treat their idols better by learning respect? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.