The Ariana Grande new song dropped and it’s all that everyone talks about—but why? Don’t worry, we have all the deets that you need right here!

Everyone can’t seem to stop talking about the Ariana Grande new song entitled ‘Thank U, Next.’ And we have for you right here the two main reasons why it’s going viral!

Don’t know the new song we’re all talking about? Then you’d better start listening to ‘Thank U, Next’ now and join the hype!

Another beautiful song by Ariana Grande, don’t you agree? That’s another reason why we love this new song but that’s already a given! So let’s talk about instead the two other reasons why this is a song worthy to be heard countless of times.

‘Thank U, Next’ is a Self-Love Anthem

Ariana Grande talks about her past lovers in such a beautiful way—no hate, no resentments… just outright gratitude. She tells her listeners in the first verse the experiences she had with her exes and admits that at some point, she thought they were “the one.” And proceeded on the pre-chorus how each one of them taught her something important such as love, patience, and pain.

Ariana recognizes the love she experienced and all the goodbyes she had to endure, but at the same time speaks about not really seeing those as losses. Because all the lessons that she gained in the process would remain. That’s why in the chorus, she repeatedly sang the words “thank you” to show her genuine gratefulness. And maybe, it is followed by “next” because despite everything, she’s not afraid to take risks.

In the second verse, Ariana Grande’s lyrics are so full of self-love and self-care. She talks of how she gives more time to her close friends, and how she got someone new—someone she could relate better to and someone that would finally last—which is herself. And in the end, she herself taught her all that she needed to learn.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? To be able to mold your heartbreak into something as precious as acceptance, fulfillment, peace, and self-love altogether. And that’s why Ariana Grande’s song is going so viral, because it’s all about empowerment and not hate.

Sure, this could be considered as another break-up song. But this ‘Thank U, Next’ is so different because of the positivity and the beauty etched in the lyrics. And of how it gives emphasis on healing, forgiveness, and self-care.

No shade, no hate!

Who would’ve thought you could write about your exes in such a kind manner, right? Well, Ariana Grande did just that! When we thought we couldn’t love her any more than we already do, she just had to write a new and very empowering song.

And we bet you are wondering, what are all these exes saying when their names were dropped on the very first verse of ‘Thank U, Next,’ huh? However, Ariana Grande truly is living up to the empowering song she created, because these guys already know of the song before we even heard it!

Yup, you read that right. These exes were already informed by Ariana Grande herself about the song she wrote.

Don’t believe us? We got proof!

Ariana Grande was very kind to inform them of how they were going to be written and how these exes were even the first ones to hear of her hot new single.

So while we are all waiting for Big Sean‘s public response to the song…

Here’s Ricky’s reaction instead!

What a cute reaction from her ex Ricky Alvarez! Don’t you think so?

A very meaningful statement from Pete:

It just goes to show that Ariana still has a good friendly relationship with her former exes even after their failed love.

But what probably broke our hearts were these lines:

Wish I could say, “Thank you” to Malcolm
‘Cause he was an angel

A tribute to Ariana Grande’s former lover, Mac Miller, who passed away just September of 2018.

No shade, no hate! That’s what Ariana Grande’s new song is definitely all about. It’s all about healing, empowerment, self-love, self-care, forgiveness, and acceptance. But most importantly, it is a song about turning your pain into wonderful life lessons that would help you along the way.

Loving ‘Thank U, Next’ as much as we are? Then join the hype and add this one to your playlist NOW!

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