When boredom strikes, a virtual streetfight becomes a thing.

We have no idea how it came about. All we know is that there’s a rapidly-growing Facebook community called Online Rambulan, and the members are bloodthirsty netizens trolling each other, throwing jabs against one another in the form of memes and clever comebacks.

Fun and chaotic

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Although a small minority of people in the group are downright rude (we’re not gonna focus on them), the content you’ll see is generally troll posts and memes. Happenings within this online fight club resemble real-life street brawls: someone would initiate a fight through a provocative status, and then comments would come raining down on the OP (original poster), returning the aggression. The battleground is the comments section, and audience cheers come in the form of Facebook reactions. The real competition is not who’s gonna knock down whom: it’s a battle of wit and creativity, and as long as there are people contributing fire to the thread, the fight never stops.

Some mentionable content

Tagalog people, would you go up against this guy?

Someone decided to tone down the brutality a bit. This lovely thread shows people aggressively showing love and support for one another, their heartfelt intentions reinforced by vulgar language.

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This one member took the fight to a whole new level. His attempt is so courageous nobody attempted to fight back. He didn’t punch anyone in the face but we could feel some noses bleeding.

Let’s all keep in mind that this is such a hard time everyone’s facing, with the global pandemic and all the unfortunate events happening, so Online Rambulan is people’s way of coping with the fear, anxiety, and yeah, boredom. As a fresh recruit in the community, we believe that the admin and moderators are eradicating members who cross the line. In fact, when joining, you’ll be asked to promise not to be pikon. When posting, you should also know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s not a totally safe place. But if you’re thick-skinned and after the laughs, you may wanna try joining.

What do you think about online rambulan?

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