Is beauty overrated? Apparently not. Angel Dei took us by surprise when she announced that she actually got a nose job! Showing to everyone that “your body, your choice”!

Cosmetic surgery is still, to this day, a subject that raises eyebrows in the show business. For most people, getting cosmetic surgery equals not being content with your physical appearance, or fooling fans to think that a celebrity naturally looks perfect when he/she has gone under the knife to achieve the look. We couldn’t blame them, though. Most celebrities nowadays aren’t so proud of their cosmetic enhancements either. When asked, they deny it through and through, somehow making us believe that they naturally have perfect noses and bomb lips.

Angel Dei decided to walk the opposite path and actually share with us her rhinoplasty journey! She knows it’s going to get her a lot of opinions, but it’s as she says, “Your body, your choice.”

Why she did it

Angel revealed that her nose was always one of her insecurities. She shared that when posing for pictures, she would only do side view poses, or pose at an angle where her nose wouldn’t look as bad. If you’re one of the few close-minded people who plan on hating on her through the internet because of her choice, just know that she knows what she got herself into. She knows she would receive varying opinions on her decision, but in her own words, “If there’s something I could do to improve my confidence and my physical appearance, why not, ‘di ba? Hindi na s’ya big deal.”

The procedure

Angel was rather open about everything that happened before and during the procedure. She even went so far as to take us with her to the operating room. Her experience was intriguing but it was also very informative. We learned that before she underwent the surgery, she had to physically prepare herself and by this we mean take some medications and undergo some tests to make sure she’s physically able to do the surgery.

Cartilage was taken from her ear and was inserted into her nose. After the surgery was done, she was not allowed to smile a lot and she was forbidden from doing contact sports or working out. And we need not ask why. The clips may be graphic for others and even showed how blood would normally drip from the nose after the operation, but the doctors and Angel assured us that it was all normal.

The reveal

Right off the bat, we could tell that her nose has changed a lot, but it was still too swollen to see for sure. But two weeks after the procedure, Angel has already posted pictures and is feeling like the beauty that she is!

We couldn’t lie, she does look amazing with that new nose! Not only that, but she also looked confident and blooming after the operation. Guess it was worth it for her, after all.

We’re not going to go around here to urge people to get nose jobs. No, we don’t endorse cosmetic surgeries, but we do discourage hate. If somebody wants to do something with their lives an improve themselves, we shouldn’t be the ones to discourage them. As long as they’re not hurting others and it’s nothing immoral or illegal, what could possibly be wrong with it?

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