Unfortunately, an apparent arson attack devastates Kyoto Animation studio and leaves the company in shambles.

Earlier this day, the famous Japanese animation studio, Kyoto Animation, suffers under fire after being attacked. According to reports, at least 23 people have been confirmed dead while dozens are injured. However, some employees still remain unaccounted for.

Apparently, a fire broke out at the three-story building around 10:30 in the morning. Eyewitnesses stated that after hearing a loud explosion, a massive fire began to consume the whole building.

The suspect, whose name was not revealed, was a 41-year old man. He broke into the building and poured gasoline around the studio before setting it on fire. Police even found knives at the scene of the crime. However, it was not clear what the motive of the man was. In initial reports, he is not a former employee nor does he have any evident connections to KyoAni.

Several victims failed to escape from the second floor and top floor. At least 23 people were reported to be dead or “in cardio-pulmonary arrest”. It’s a term used in Japan for people who have died but whose deaths haven’t been officially confirmed. At the same time, 36 people were injured, some of them in critical condition.

KyoAni, home of beloved anime titles

Kyoto Animation or KyoAni became a well-regarded animation studio. Not only in Japan but in the whole world. They’ve produced popular anime like ‘K-On!’, ‘Full Metal Alchemist’, and ‘Free!’. Aside from that, KyoAni created the Japanese box office hit ‘A Silent Voice’.

In a similar manner, they became known for being fair to their employees.  They pay their animators a regular salary. Unlike other animation studios who pay their animators per frame.

With the news of KyoAni’s suffering, a GoFundMe campaign titled “Help KyoAni Heal” has been started. It has raised more than $130,000 in just three hours.

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