Agsunta is signing off! With their announcement, they also took down all of their Youtube videos.

The video going around announcing their band signing off was released Tuesday, January 29. In the video, members began to reminisce about their journey. Agsunta is known for covering songs and posting it on Youtube where they really made a name for themselves. Their breakthrough in the music industry began four years ago.

Here’s the 6-minute video announcement that Agsunta is signing off:

In the video, Agsunta relays how they’ve been resting and giving their individual lives some focus. They also thanked everyone who supported them. They casually dismissed the negative criticisms they’ve been receiving.

Agsunta members also talked about how they’ve been receiving hate and judgment from listeners and even those in the OPM scene as well. They claimed how they kept quiet about it and they reminded everyone how respect should always be present—no matter what the opinions they have towards them.

Agsunta and Zel Bautista

Before the year 2018 ended, December Avenue‘s vocalist Zel Bautista posted a tweet that caused quite some talk in the Twitterverse.

A lot of people assumed and replied, asking if the vocalist is referring to Agsunta since the band is known for doing song covers of other OPM artists. With that, Zel subtweeted that he’s not mentioning any name or about covers. He was arguing that the people who earn money from other’s work do not have a voice and doesn’t belong in the creative world.

This caught the attention of a fellow artist of Agsunta under PPL Entertainment.

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With this, Zel replied:

The netizens

People are then having different views and opinions on the matter. Some say that Agsunta signed off after the “shade” that December Avenue threw.

Twitter users are exchanging banters. Some are defending Zel Bautista’s argument while others are defending Agsunta.

There are a lot of views and opinions going around on social media at the moment. True enough, they are earning and became famous by doing those OPM covers. Netizens have long been commenting how Agsunta should showcase more of their original songs instead of just doing the same thing.

It’s great to do song covers especially if you’re an aspiring artist. Yet when you have already made a name for yourself in the music industry, it’s about time to let other people listen to your own voice to get to know who you really are as an artist.

Still, respect should always be present and there will always be nice ways to address these issues. Nevertheless, it seems like we won’t be hearing the famous “Hi, kami ang Agsunta” line for now.

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