Who in the world would have guessed that the next artists to have a collaboration would be Chung Ha and, wait for it… Rich Brian?!

We woke up today and as usual, looked at the trending topics all around the world. Because you know, as writers we need to be updated with current events and the hottest issues.

So going back, we saw that Chung Ha is trending on Twitter. And when we checked, we saw a video teaser about a collaboration with Rich Brian! WHAT? This is literally super unexpected!

Apparently, 88rising’s Rich Brian and K-pop idol Chung Ha worked together for a single titled ‘These Nights’ which will come out midnight of October 3. Watch the teaser for it below.

What should we expect?

Upon watching Rich Brian bite his lip as a voice says “hello, Chung Ha” and then listening to the teaser, we assume that These Nights would be a synth-pop type of song. Maybe it would also have an R&B sound to feature Chung Ha’s amazing vocals and Rich Brian’s cool tone.

We don’t really know much yet, but we are actually looking forward to this!

Look at other netizens’ amusing reactions:

As we see, no one really expected this collaboration. It legit came out of nowhere! However, we will surely watch and listen to the music video for These Nights when it gets released on October 3.

Did you expect this Rich Brian x Chung Ha collab? What do you think of it? Share with us your thoughts by commenting down below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter!