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Types of People on Socia Media Amid ECQ

We’ve never spent as much time on social media as we do now.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other social platforms have become our main medium of communication ever since the enhanced community lockdown locked us inside our own houses. And based on the content netizens have been sharing and creating, these are the most common types of people you’d encounter on social media today.

“The Left”

They’re the first ones to share when there’s good news, like when there’s a decrease in death rate or when there’s a successful donation drive. And they’re also at the front line when the administration has done or said something worth calling out. They’re being labeled as the “left” by another type of social media users that we would call the “right.”

The Right (-wing extremists)

They’re the counterpart of the first type. You could see them mostly swarming in comment sections on major online news outlets like GMA News and ABS-CBN News. They’re followers to the current administration and very reactive to online criticisms against the government. 

Meme-ternet Providers


They serve the public by spreading hilarious content, which is also essential to our survival. Whether they’re poking fun at celebrities who joined Gal Gadot’s “Imagine” movement or they creating photos exaggerating Some people call them out for making jokes out of serious matters, but hey, without these hilarious creatures, we would have become information zombies.

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The Outsiders 

They fill your feeds with throwback photos taken in Samgyupsal restaurants and beaches. They’re very vocal about how they crave for streetfoods and ramen. They’re members of the popular online foodie community What’s your ulam, pare?. If not for the fear of being sent to jail, they would have neglected the quarantine measures for a cup of bubble milktea. They miss the outside world.


Another type of socmed peeps that give us our daily dose of healthy distractions. They’ve created songs to uplift people’s spirits. They’ve joined the #24barsrapchallenge. They post written poems and stories to let us escape this stressful reality for a moment. They post TikTok videos (yes, TikTokers are artists, too). Even in such a difficult time, they never cease to bring colors to our pandemic-stricken world.

Still together

No matter the differences, it’s good to see the majority of Filipino people working hand in hand with the aim of putting an end to the pandemic in the country, with the smallest amount of casualties as possible. The future may be uncertain, but it’s a great reassurance that despite the distance between everyone, our care for one another still prevails.

Which type of social media user are you?

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Which type of social media user are you during this pandemic crisis?

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