Have you tried socializing with your friends through Zepeto? Well, it’s an amazing app that provides fashionable millennials a place where they can express themselves through customizable avatars.

Last time, Zepeto brought Selena Gomez and the Kpop queens, Blackpink over to its platform. Plus, they launched a fan signing segment as well for Blinks out there! 


Now, this mobile app is getting an epic exclusive from another K-pop group! Get ready as JYP Entertainment released a teaser clip of TWICE members who will be arriving as 3D animated characters in the app. Yay!

TWICE fans will be able to socialize, dress up like their idols, and interact in their world. Still not convinced? Well, you can watch the video below and see it for yourself!


What is Zepeto?

Zepeto is a social app that allows users to build their own 3D avatars, interact with their friends using their characters, and play games to earn coins. With millions of item choices, from trendy clothing to exquisite accessories, you can personalize your character into the prettiest reimagined version of yourself. If you really like styling yourself, prepare to be a competitive one so you can purchase different outfits and decorations to your room.

What’s more, you can invite your friends to join Zepeto so you’ll have a virtual place to hang out! You can meet and have parties on the beach or whatever background you prefer. We’re telling you, it is really cute and timely for this long quarantine season!

This app can be fun for kids, teens and adults who just want to well, have fun during staying at home for quite long. So, try it now and socialize through this cute app!

What do you think of the Zepeto app?

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