You heard it right! Our idol, Raffy Tulfo made possible, Tulflix, the new Netflix n’ chill! Read on to find out more details!

You heard it right! Gone are the good ol days of Netflix n’ chill because there’s a new streaming app in town, and it’s Tulflix! And you can already download it for free on your Android phones through Google Play!


In case you aren’t aware, Tulflix comes from the radio noontime newscast ‘Raffy Tulfo In Action’, that airs and acts on complaints from ordinary citizens. It gave birth to many iconic confrontations from the complainants. And surprisingly, it became one of the most awaited shows for many Filipinos around the world.

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Raffy Tulfo In Action

The program is headed by Raffy Tulfo, a Filipino journalist. On the side, he helps those who are in need of a mediator when it comes to the most trivial things or legal cases. He’s famously known as “Mr. Action Man” or “Idol Raffy”.

Tulfo and Chill

Starting out as a Filipino meme for “Netflix n’ chill”, who would’ve thought we would reach this development? Now, you can spend your weekends watching Raffy Tulfo In Action through the Tulfix app! Or you can catch your favorite episodes anywhere and anytime!

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Staying true to its roots, the Tulflix app replicated the iconic logo of Netflix. And when you see the app itself, it’s just like navigating through YouTube, so it won’t be hard to watch Raffy Tulfo–well–in action!

Tulflix is a mobile app designed for the channel of Idol Raffy Tulfo In Action where users can witness the life-changing public service in action on mobile.’

Here’s the latest ‘Raffy Tulfo In Action’ video for those iPhone users still waiting for the Tulflix app:

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