Back then, there are a lot of TV shows that we would often wait for. There were the interesting teleseryes and also, the educational series that we all loved.

As someone who is now in her 20s, I would often remark how the time quickly goes by. I have already finished my education, and dang I am already a part of the working class! Somehow, I always go back thinking about the things during my childhood. And one notable part of it was the educational Filipino TV series that almost everyone of us is familiar with.

If you need some juggling of your memories, worry no more! We are here to help save the day.

So here it is: 5 educational TV series that we all loved as kids! And of which we absolutely miss. 

5. Komiks

This is one of the iconic TV shows that I have loved as a child. Featuring stories from local comic books, we were always given content with magical and fantasy themes: Agua Bendita, Inday sa Balitaw, etc.

If again, you need a reminder for this one, just watch and listen to its theme song: Mundo ng Komiks by Kamikazee. For sure, this will bring something up.

The first two seasons of Komiks involved a rotation of fantasy-drama stories. However, on its third, fourth, and fifth season, we were introduced to the world of Pedro Penduko who was played by Matt Evans. We especially liked these seasons because we were educated about Filipino mythical creatures.

Honestly, Percy Jackson and Greek mythology is really great. But for me, learning about our very own Filipino mythology through this TV show is also cool af. I hope this show also gets a reboot soon!

Last year, Komiks aired evcry Saturday and Sunday on YEY. However, we are just not sure if it’s still ongoing until now.

4. Art Jam

Honestly, this show really made its mark on me when it taught about making a papier-mâché which can be used to create different crafts. One of its more notable hosts was Jeffrey or Epi Quizon. At different episodes, Nina Torres, Rosabelle Panganiban, and Tado also hosted the show.

Check out one of their cool episodes here.

3. Epol Apple

Epol Apple is one of the three TV shows which taught about general subjects we usually learn in elementary. This specific series taught about majority of the Filipinos’ second or third language: English.

The host of this show was the brilliant actor, kuya Bodjie Pascua. Check out an episode about adjectives below.

2. MathTinik

Hey, we know that not everyone of us is fond of math. However, as someone who claims it as her favorite subject, I really enjoyed MathTinik.

Moreover, the TV show explained really well about certain mathematical operations. Just look at this episode about subtraction below.

What’s also amazing about rewatching these old series is the fact that the kids in these shows are also adults now. Ugh, time really goes by so fast.

1. Sineskwela

Last but not the least, we have Sineskwela. This show was amazing because of their ability to teach science effectively. Science is an intimidating subject but Sineskwela taught it in a fun and entertaining way.

Check out an episode about earthquakes below.

And that concludes our list of educational Filipino TV series that we really, really miss watching. You can still find some of them on YouTube, under Knowledge Channel.

Honestly, all these are just really making us nostalgic. It makes us keep longing for the old days when our only problem was faking our naps in the afternoon. We also remember all the times that we slept on the couch but magically still ended up on our beds. *sigh*

How about you though? Do you miss these TV shows too? Let us know what you think of this by commenting down below! Or simply hit us up on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, y’all!