Do you still remember what it feels like to be in school? To be more specific, do you remember your grade school days?

Even though everyday we are growing older and older, we never forget to look back at even one thing in our past. After all, we all love throwbacks, don’t we? Except bitter exes or traumatic memories though, we all hate them. 

So for today, we wanted to remember more what it felt like to be a child. We have reminisced about stuff like Tamagotchi before, and also about educational TV series that we watched as children. What more could we think about?

We thought hard for a while when suddenly… it dawned on us: school days.

So today, we are going to talk specifically about some 90s grade school things that most of us miss.

Our Coleman water jugs

Hydroflask vs Coleman Drake Meme

These days, Hydro Flask is very popular. So we won’t be shocked to know that kids these days in grade school use the said brand.

However, our adult asses can’t relate with them anymore. We just remember our big Coleman jugs that we bring to school in all its entirety. With a very big size, Coleman jugs can obviously hold a lot of water.

So with that, there’s really nothing more appropriate to say right now but: stay hydrated kids!

Wet glue on our hands

Wet Elmer's Glue on Hands peel

This may be a grade school thing, but we are not scared to admit that we still do this until now. There’s just something very satisfying when you spread that wet Elmer’s glue all over your hands, just to peel it all after.

Then just after the last dried part has been removed off our hands, bring out the glue once again to repeat the process! And this goes on again, and again, and again.

These cool AF pencil cases

cool pencil case with compartments and buttons

Hands down, these are still the coolest pencil cases ever! When you have a pencil case like this, there’s a guarantee that kids would flock to you just to try pushing its buttons. The more buttons and compartments, the more famous you’ll become.

There are a lot of different designs and versions of these, and the cool features just makes it really fun to organize pens and other tools here.

Paper Fortune-tellers

Paper fortune tellers origami

Who can forget this simple yet fun paper game? This paper fortune-teller just requires some folding, but after that it is all up to you how to use it!

You can write a lot of options regarding a lot of different topics here. But when we were kids, the things commonly written are crushes, dream jobs, and future life statuses. Honestly, it was really fun imagining and aspiring for the future back then.

*sighs* If only things were also as simple today.

Origami Claws

Origami claws

To be honest, we don’t really know the purpose of these origami claws. However, we really enjoyed making them back then and wearing them on all of our fingers.

They look really cool, don’t they? Channeling our inner Wolverine… ATTACK!

The undisputed Slam book


These slam books were really famous among grade school girls. There was nothing more exciting than someone coming up to you and asking for your complete information – something which is super sketchy nowadays. Data privacy, guys!

Before, filling these up was like an achievement. Entering your details, sharing them with your friends – all of those was really fun. Moreover, it was satisfying reading your other friends’ details too. It was just like getting to know each other better but in a cute way.

Do slam books still exist today though?



FLAMES. Friends, lovers, anger, marriage, enemies, sweethearts. Sometimes, the meaning of the letters vary too but the concept still remains.

As kids, we loved having crushes that we could talk about. We would imagine ourselves with them, and would even think of the possible futures with that certain person.

Using FLAMES, we got to somehow calculate where we’d end up with people. Sometimes, we’d claim that whatever result it may display would be our destiny. What’s just really funny though is how the letters and length of the name of a person could apparently matter.

Now that we somehow know more about love, meh. However, this is still really fun to play especially if just fooling around with friends.

Do you remember these things? What other grade school things can you think of? Let us know by sharing your answers through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter, @udouph.