It’s flashback Friday, everyone! And we’re serving you major feels with our favorite anime theme songs of all time!

It’s a no-brainer that classic animes like ‘Naruto‘, ‘Flame of Recca’, ‘Voltes V’, and so much more were the highlights of our childhood. Because of this, we may have found ourselves playing pretend with our favorite characters or cosplaying their looks. And to some extent, even memorizing iconic anime theme songs!

So here’s our selection of the finest theme songs from some classic animes! You better be prepared because it’ll give you major feels for sure!

#10 Naruto ‘Haruka Kanata’

Forget about the OG ‘Fighting Dreamers’ in the ‘Naruto Shippuden’ saga, we’re going all the way back to the first season of ‘Naruto’. When you hear ‘Haruka Kanata’ by Asian Kung-Fu generation, there’s no doubt that you’ll feel a surge of emotions remembering the Chuunin Exams era of ‘Naruto’!

#9 Mirumo De Pon! ‘Pretty Cake Magic’

Miru, miru, mirumo de pon! Who can forget this anime oozing with cute little munchkins? ‘Pretty Cake Magic’ is the very first opening theme song of our beloved anime. Give it a hear now!

#8 Bleach ‘Life Is Like A Boat’

‘Bleach’ is a shonen anime which became famous in the early 2000s. ‘Life Is Like a Boat’ by Rie was used as the first ending theme for Bleach from Episode 1 to 13. By hearing this song, we can’t help but miss Ichigo!

#7 Ouran High School Host Club ‘Sakura Kiss’

Okay, fangirls get ready to squeal ‘cuz here’s your favorite shoujo anime, ‘Ouran High School Host Club’! And while we’re still hoping for Season 2 of this 2006 anime, let’s reminisce the glorious memories of the host club’s members with ‘Sakura Kiss’!

#6 Flame of Recca ‘Nanka Shiawase’

Kyaaa! ‘Flame of Recca’, for y’all who’s not aware, is a classic favorite of every Filipino 90’s kid. Just by hearing ‘Nanka Shiawase’, we can remember how we used to wait for this to air every afternoon. You’re not a true ‘Flame of Recca’ fan if you haven’t tried at least once to write the name of Recca’s dragon on your arm. Hah!

#5 Fushigi Yugi ‘Itooshii Hito No Tame Ni’

So here’s a little fun fact! Fushigi Yugi is already 27 years old! Can you believe that? Well, we can’t. Go ahead and reminisce your younger years with ‘Itooshii Hito No Tame Ni’.

#4 Cardcaptor Sakura ‘Catch You Catch Me!’

Let’s admit it guys, Sakura is the queen of all girly animes and we’re loving its opening theme ‘Catch You Catch Me!’ Oh, the memories!

#3 One Piece ‘We Are!’

What are we? We are, One Piece! Despite ‘One Piece’ still being an ongoing anime, let’s take a moment of silence and look back at it through the years. The first-ever opening of ‘One Piece’ is ‘We Are!’ is seriously making us cry. When is ‘One Piece’ going to end? We don’t know but we sincerely hope if ever it does, is that they use this song again as the opening!

#2 Voltes V ‘Voltes V Theme Song’

Get a load of this OG ‘Voltes V Theme Song’ from the most classic anime of all time, Voltes V (yes, we’re claiming it!) It’s an anime that is surely for all generations considering it first aired in 1977! So why not listen to this song with your dad and uncles? Celebrating the gift of anime with your family–that’s the spirit!

#1 Sailor Moon ‘Moonlight Densetsu’

Ahhh, yes, ‘Sailor Moon’, an anime which empowers young girls throughout the years. Even though the anime has ended for some time now, it doesn’t mean you can’t go back and channel your inner Sailor Moon. It’s not too late! Give ‘Moonlight Densetsu’ a listen now!

You may have forgotten these anime theme songs at some point but truth is, if you happen to hear them somewhere, you’d still remember them by heart. If you find yourself feeling nostalgic with these songs why not re-watching all the animes again? Bring it full circle if you will! If you liked this, then stay tuned for more!

What do you think of our favorite anime theme songs of all time? Did it give you major throwback feels like it did to us? We’d love to hear from you! So share with us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.