We don’t know about you but we’re feeling more than 22!

Adulting is freaking scary, man. As life gets more challenging (because now we have the need to fend for ourselves), we just miss the simpler times more and more.

We just want to feel like carefree kids again, playing in the streets with our old playmates who we probably don’t have connections to anymore. Even just for a day or a few hours, we want to get away from all the stress.

But since there isn’t really any magic or time travel yet, not that we know of, let us be contented by just looking back at some of the iconic games and toys that we have played in our childhood.

Paper dolls

Vintage Whitman/Mattel BARBIE HAS A NEW LOOK paper dolls ...

When times were a lot simpler, we dressed dolls like Barbie in paper. These paper dolls came with just a stand to keep them upright, and we would even make them walk in an imaginary runway.

Young girls often bought these dolls as a collection, usually with specific wardrobe themes. Thinking about it right now brings us a really heavy wave of nostalgia.


Photo from Pinoy Kollektor

TEKS is an iconic childhood game which involves these small cardboard pieces with illustrations on them. Players would toss or flick these into the air as they bet which side would go face up. Usually, specific cards that the players deem as awesome have the highest trading or betting value.

These small cards are really cute and they are really fun to collect! After all, the more you have, the more of a winner you are. *wink*

Club Penguin

Club Penguin - Club Penguin Photo (34425951) - Fanpop

If you aren’t aware of Club Penguin, you certainly missed out on a lot. It is an online game where players have penguins as their avatars in this cool penguin world. Here you can also earn money by playing different games. You can go skiing, fishing, and even go on missions as a secret agent in this world!

With that money, you can then buy the things you want for your penguin. Clothes, accessories, igloo upgrades, you name it and Club Penguin has it! Moreover, there are these cute puffles that you can own as pets.

puffles - Club Penguin Photo (24620425) - Fanpop

How adorable are they?

Plastic balloon

As Filipinos, we have surely grown inhaling the fumes of plastic balloons. Just looking at the image above makes us imagine its unique smell. Now, we just want to go to the nearest sari-sari store and buy one of these.

Plastic balloons are obsessively fun to play with too because the main challenge it gives is to make the biggest balloon you can without creating holes. They are also really fun to pop!

What do you think about these games and toys? Do you miss your childhood too? Share with us your thoughts through the comments below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPH.