Our childhood wouldn’t be complete without falling for cute and handsome anime boys! So here’s a list of the anime crushes that you definitely couldn’t get enough of until now!

Anime prides itself for it’s amazing stories and diverse characters. It captivates a lot of viewers for it’s attracting visuals and that includes character designs. No wonder girls of all ages find themselves falling for anime guys. Especially during the early 2000s.

Our childhood won’t be complete without us ditching our house chores just to watch and swoon over our 2d crushes. Their tragic backstories, quirky personalities, and captivating appeals got us girls wanting a guy like them! We’ve listed down who are the anime boys that you definitely had a crush on!

Tuxedo Mask

Every girl loved to be Sailor Moon. Not just for the awesome transformation and power. But for the ever mysterious Tuxedo Mask himself. Even for a klutz like Usagi/Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask was always there to help her save the day. He’s not just a prince charming but a knight-in-shining-armor too! With his wit and charm, he blooms our roses just right!

Kenshin Himura

There’s no denying it, we’re all suckers for tragic romances. And Kenshin Himura from Samurai X was one of the classics that really had us hooked. Aside from his dark past, he shows an immense loyalty to his values and love for his family and friends. Not to mention, he’s one brave nugget. He’d risk his own life for his friends and for the love of his life, Kaoru. And no matter the odds, he’d still prevail and we all love a saintly man who’s wiling to move mountains for us! (But that’s what our childhood selves would say!) But yep, you get the gist, Kenshin is one of the anime guys who shows ideal traits of our “unrealistic” anime fantasies.


For some, InuYasha would be their best guy in the series. But in all truth, Sesshomaru has been taking his thunder all along. Despite being an antagonist to his younger brother, he’s swooning girls for his calm, cool, and collected demeanor that shows maturity. And despite coming off as cold and distant, he has a soft spot for outcasts. You can notice it from the people accompanying him, like the two-headed dragon A-Un, the demon imp Jaken and an orphaned-human girl named Rin. Not to mention, he’s dreamy!

Li Syaoran

During our childhood days, we all fell in love to the overused plot devices: the love-hate romance. And we’ve encountered that a lot from other anime series. But there’s something about Li Syaoran that we like (aside from his baby face!).

Despite his rough exterior, his arrogance, and social awkwardness, he never fails to show his affection for Sakura in his own way. And that’s one thing we love about some guys. How they are willing to show how much they care even though it doesn’t quite fit the image they want to sustain. And we just love the friendly competition he and Sakura has! Li Syaoran is the #1 tsundere we’ve all fallen for!


Hold your horses, ladies! No one can deny their great admiration for the one and only, Tamahome. He’s definitely the most handsome among the Suzaku Seven in Fushi Yuugi. Similar to other bishounens we’ve been crushing on, Tamahome demonstrates a lot of love for his family. And he’s very protective of Miaka, to the extent that he risks his life for her. He might be a mere bandit but Tamahome shows that love transcends time. And hello, who doesn’t fall in love with book characters, huh?

Uchiha Sasuke

And of course, who couldn’t forget about Uchiha Sasuke? The mysterious bad boy of Konoha, Sasuke brings all of our “tame the bad boy” fantasy. And yes, he might had his fair share of villain works but his redemption story was astonishing. Even he’s all cold and distant to everyone, he manages to be affectionate through his own simple ways. He’s one of the bad boys we grew up loving so much. Not to mention, he was way cooler than Naruto even when they became dads! Hot damn!

True, anime is an escape for almost everyone. It reflected our inner thoughts and desires growing up. And even through the fantasy they weave, we’ve seen a lot of characters that honed our romance ideas from then and now. Despite them being unrealistic, we’re proud to say that we compare our anime crushes to our IRL crushes from time to time!

So who among our top anime guys have you got a crush on before? Do you have other anime crushes? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.