These photos from the first-ever Star Magic Ball⁠ will bring back your JS prom nightmares! IT’S HILARIOUS!

The Star Magic Ball or now known as ABS-CBN Ball is a night many people look forward to as it is an event oozing with elegance and poise. More than that, we get to judge celebrities for their style inspirations. And amazingly, we’ve seen many of them rocking looks that are surely for the books.

Just like Liza Soberano’s frosted icy blue gown by Michael Cinco in 2016, Pia Wurtzbach’s sultry lace dress which won her the award for Best Dressed in 2017, and let’s not forget Jodi Sta. Maria’s gorgeous nude ensemble matched with short ombre hair with full bangs in 2018. For the past years, we have seen what fashion truly has to offer. And let’s cheers to that!

Fashion disastah!

BUT, let’s also take a moment to reminisce the time when fashion–well–wasn’t in its finest. Just like what a Facebook user did when she decided to poke fun at some celebrities for their not-so-good fashion choices at the first-ever Star Magic Ball. Who would’ve thought that these celebrities that we’re so used to see in dashing and glamorous outfits, wore some outrageous clothes before? Yikes!

Here are some photos of celebrities at the first Star Magic Ball with the theme, “JS Prom Photos You Want to Forget”:

#1 Bea Alonzo

“Bago naging Basha, ang patron saint ng moving on…naging vase muna sa center table ng yamanin mong classmate si Bea Alonzo. Adorned with fake flowers, hanger level collar bones at gandang mabubudol ni Gerald, ang overall peg talaga ni bezzy ay self sufficient abay na sagot na ang gown, sagot pa ang bouquet. Bridesmaid ng taon.”

#2 Kim Chui

Speaking of gandang mabubudol ni Gerald, syempre dun tayo sa OG! Wearing her cotton candy dress na sing tigas ng almirol kagaya ng kurtinang nilalabas ni mama after mag general cleaning at kilay na sing nipis ng pasensya ko, Kim Chui comes to the ball with a built in luffa na panghilod kasi kala nya ata yun ang way to look fresh on the red carpet. Charot!”

#3 Charo Santos

“Ever so elegant Mam Charo in her very school project na gown inspired by coupon bond with border for plus points. Gawa ata ito sa folder. Text MMK<space>NINANG and send to 2366.”

#4 Zanjoe Marudo

“Odiba parang Ragnarok character si Zanjoe na gugupitan sa barberya. Hindi ko alam kung san ako magsisimula, sa necktie nyang hindi natapos ibuhol o sa coat nyang pang Gomburza.”

#5 Enchong Dee

“Rebreb!!! Baka masakal ka sa kwelyo mo magagalit si Mama!! Enchong Dee looking very neat sa kanyang undershirt na alanganing chinese collar at alanganing turtle neck. Toti Marie could’ve done a better job. Lol.”

Check out the full post here:

Admit it, at some point in our lives, we’ve had a fair share of wearing God-forbidden clothes. Well, fashion is an evolving industry. What may be “in” our time, might not be considered “appropriate” before. But all in all, it’s about being open to changes that often times unexpectedly start new trends. Just like how mom jeans came out from our closets and are here to stay in our lives. Oh! And remember flannel shirts that you thought were things of the past? Well, it’s not! Who knows? These trends might just come back in 2020? We’ll see!

These photos surely made us laugh until we cried. How about you? What do you think of these outrageous outfits from the first Star Magic Ball? We’d love to hear from you. So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.