Boys and girls, there’s a new KathNiel Twitter fic that’s creating a frenzy on Twitter!

Missing your daily dose of kilig? Then say no more! There’s been a new KathNiel social serye fic that’s causing an uproar in Twitter. And I tell you, it’s nothing but a good dose of fluffy romance for everyone.

Twitter user @4reuminct or mostly known as @gwyomi wrote the said Twitter fic. She calls it a social serye as she tells the story through the use of social media apps. It’s catchy and easy to read, that’s why a lot of people get hooked up on it. At the same time, she was also the one behind other viral KathNiel Twitter fics like Along Espana and Between Walls.

KathNiel Social Serye “By Mistake”

By Mistake is her newest KathNiel social serye fiction in Twitter. It follows the story Ivor (Daniel Padilla), a university top student who ends up in a fight with Lily (Kathryn Bernardo), who has a long-time crush on him, over a wrong Grab message.

I won’t go over the details so much to avoid spoiling you guys. But here’s what you should know about By Mistake. Lilyanne is your average AB Behavioral Science student. Living the ordinary life while having fun with her friends. And she has a crush on one of the university’s top students, Ivor. Unlike Lily, Ivor’s stubborn, text booksmart and a bit of aloof. Their lives intertwined after Lily texted her Grab driver, but instead got the wrong number and texted Ivor. They became involved with each other’s business and of course, with romantic tension fleeting in the air.

By Mistake seems to be your typical fiction. But it goes beyond the usual kilig. Since it’s a social serye, it’s told in a format using social media applications, such as Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and the likes. At the same time, what makes it more special is how relatable it can be. The whole story had a lot of funny memes (courstesy of Lily) that you’ll find yourself laughing to.

Originally, the author intended the story for every KathNiel fans. However, overnight, it became the talk of the town and even people outside the fandom became invested with the story. So if you love a light and fluffy romance story that you can read on the go, then By Mistake should be on your top list!

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