We need this! #GirlsInSports

Everyone knows that the anime world is not a stranger to, basically, out of this world storylines, loglines, and characters. It’s a splendid universe that’s challenged gender stereotypes, taboo interests, and more often than you’d expect, science as we knew it.

But if there’s something that we want to see more of, it’s got to be girls in sports animes.

2020 has given us the pandemic, failing governments, an economic recession, but it’s about to make up for it by giving us an all-girl sports anime!

This October 3, 2020 women will dominate the screens with Iwa Kakeru! -Sports Climbing Girls-.


Based on the manga of the same name by Ryudai Ishizika, Sports Climbing Girls follows the story of Konomi Kasahara, an incoming senior high student, as she discovers the sport of rock climbing (also known as bouldering in Japan) after training in critical puzzle games at her junior high school. The story unravels the journey Konomi takes, the foes she faces, the friendships she creates, as she climbs her way up the ranks in her high school climbing club.

Check out the trailer for a first look at this girl-powered definite blockbuster!


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