Check out some of the best teen shows that were produced during our teenage years!

The 2000s was one of the best years of teen shows both for Disney and Nickelodeon. I remember one of the best parts of my day is just having a wonderful time watching these shows.

Today, it feels good to look back at those childhood and teenage years. I mean, life was simpler. We could just sit back and relax and enjoy these shows. Disney and Nickelodeon are two of the biggest Kids’ TV channels in the industry. They have produced some of the best and iconic shows that have been known throughout time.

Not only does this channel produce kids shows, but they also have produced some quality teen shows. And I strongly believe that the mid-2000s were the best years of both of the channel’s teen show line up. These shows became a starting point for some of our favorite personalities out there. Stars such as Miley Cyrus,  Selena Gomez, Sprouse Twins, Demi Lovato, and many more started out as Disney and Teen Nick stars. Pretty much sums up our childhood and teenage years, right? So here are some nostalgic teen shows from Disney and Nickelodeon that we have watched at least once in our teenage years!

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Cole and Dylan Sprouse have been in the industry for quite some time now. But for some of us, The Suite Life is probably the first show in which we have seen them.

The show is about the twins’ Zack and Cody who live in the Tipton Hotel after their mom landed a job as a lounge singer for the hotel. They end up building a close relationship with some hotel staff and the daughter of the owner. The series got their spin-off, The Suite Life on Deck, and a movie.


Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire is one of the shows that was really loved by many teenagers. The show follows the life of Lizzie and his friends Gordo and Miranda as they live their lives in high school dealing with problems that every high school student can experience. It was adapted into a film which resulted from the fans wanting more from the show.


Hannah Montana

Of course, who did not want to be Hannah Montana when they were young? Before the start of her wonderful career, Miley Cyrus was the titular Hannah Montana. It follows the life of Miley Stewart and her double life as a regular teenager and a pop sensation. She tries to hide her identity but her best friends eventually find out the truth, forcing her to juggle her life as a normal teenager by day, and a pop star by night. Best of both worlds I guess.


Wizards of Waverly Place 

Wizards of Waverly Place is a show about the three Russo siblings who are wizards trying to live their life normally. They must keep their abilities a secret or else they will lose them. But eventually, they find out that only one of them gets to keep their powers when they turn into an adult. Bummer, right? I mean if I had special abilities, I’d like to keep them, please. Overall, the show is an interesting one. I mean, double life as a wizard? It’s no pop star but as a wizard, I think that’s pretty solid!


That’s So Raven

Imagine being able to foresee the future– life would be easier and cool! But not for Raven. That’s So Raven is easily one of the Disney Channel classics. The show follows the life of Raven Baxter who gets visions about the future that may or may not seem to happen. She then uses this vision to help her friends and family to deal with their problems, but the thing is that it usually turns out to be a bigger mess. Easier? I guess not.


Drake and Josh

Drake and Josh is a coming-of-age series and was one of the most popular titles produced by Nickelodeon. The show follows the life of an aspiring musician Drake and his nerdy step-brother, Josh, as they deal with teenage problems and Megan, their little sister filled with evil antics. The show is filled with comedy and a little touch of drama that will surely give you a fun time!



After starring as the evil little sister of Drake and Josh, actress Miranda Cosgrove then stars in her own TV show, iCarly. It is one of the most popular teen shows produced by Nickelodeon. It follows the life of Carly and her friend Sam who starts their own web show after receiving positive comments on their performance during a school show uploaded by their tech-savvy friend, Freddie. The show up to this day is considered to be the popular show that Teen Nick has produced and has made their mark in the world of teen shows.


All that

Think about Saturday Night Live, but for the younger audience. All that is a sketch comedy show that is hosted by kids for kids! The show featured some hilarious situational comedy sketches and some musical numbers as well. This show is considered to be one of the most timeless works that were produced by Nickelodeon. There have been multiple reiterations of this show and the latest being launched last year.


What was your favorite teen show?

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