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There’s sheet music on a guy’s butt in this painting: here’s how it sounds

It’s kind of alarming in addition to how captivating it actually sounds.

A 600-year old painting. Sheet music. A butt. Sheet music on the said butt. Those are the things we will be discussing today and I’m not entirely sure why but it does exist.

The 600-year-old painting in question is Hieronymus Bosch’s most notable form of art, Garden of Earthly Delights. The painting dates back to the 1490s and is one of Museo del Prado in Madrid’s most prized artifacts.

The arse in question via Wikimedia

With the swell of medieval art-inspired memes that have surfaced the past few years, it makes sense for this painting to have its own share of meme-famy. I mean, it’s a painting featuring a man whose upper body has been crushed by a gigantic harp with literal measures of notes splayed on his arse–it was practically begging to become a meme. We don’t even have to talk about the judgmental white guy judgmentally judging the aforementioned buttocks.


More than a meme though, someone had actually attempted to perform the piece. Amelia Hamrick first learned to play the song and her cover drew in massive views over on Tumblr. The popularized version as of today though was a lute, harp, and hurdy-gurdy cover posted on Youtube by James Spalink who had just turned this into a real medieval jam session aptly named “Hieronymus Bosch Butt Music.”

Butt Music

What’s incredibly funny about this whole debacle I’d have to say has to do with the comments.

This great idea which someone should take seriously. (Is it me or does it kind of sound like the intro of Linkin Park’s In the End?)

[metal song]

This guy who only speaks the truth.

And this guy who’s got all the puns. (It is way better than our modern songs that are actually about butts. Shame.)

This funny guy who’s most probably a dad.

And this other guy who possibly revealed his immortality.

And finally, this old nostalgic fart.

Whatever this piece makes you feel, we’re here to assure you that we’ve probably felt it too and it’s totally understandable, albeit confusing, yes. Next time, let’s talk about that judgmental white man pointing judgmentally judging sheet-music-arse-guy.

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