‘The Walking Dead’ Bids Farewell After Season 11, But Daryl and Carol Will Get a Spinoff

Sad news for the fans: after 11 seasons, we must say goodbye to ‘The Walking Dead.’

This was confirmed by AMC, who also revealed that the 11th and final season of the acclaimed zombie drama will consist of 24 episodes. The first 12 episodes will air in late 2021, while the other half follows in early 2022.

‘The Walking Dead,’ which is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic series and premiered 10 years ago, is currently in its intense 10th season, the last episode of which ended with the shocking plot twist of Maggie Greene’s comeback. The season finale is slated to premiere on October 4, while six additional episodes as a bonus part of the current season will follow in early 2021.

While it’s sad to know we are now officially counting down until the end of TWD, we still have another long year of zombie-fueled action and drama that awaits us. 24 episodes seem a lot for a finale treat, don’t you think?

Plus, this doesn’t mean that we also have to part ways with our beloved characters, as it’s been announced that ‘The Walking Dead’ is getting a spinoff show dedicated to Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon and Melissa McBride’s Carol Peletier.


The new TWD series has yet to have an official title, but reports say that it’s being created by showrunner Angela Kang and Deadverse chief content officer Scott M. Gimple.

Whether you were one of those used-to-be fans who stopped watching the show after the explosive season 6 or you’ve made it this far, you’d agree that Daryl and Carol have always been among the best characters on the show, arc-wise. From an impulsive, emotionally-distant redneck, Daryl Dixon has become Rick Grimes most valued right-hand man and brother-like best friend. Carol, on the other hand, started off as a softspoken battered wife in an abusive relationship, whose major turning point was when her daughter turned into a walker. After the first several seasons, Carol proved to be an intelligent and resourceful fighter and even became one of their group’s most valuable assets.

Being the only cast members who have been on the show since season 1, the pair continues to be fan-favorites for their on-screen chemistry and individual badassery.

The Daryl-Carol spinoff is set to debut on AMC in 2023.

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What do you think about a Daryl-Carol TWD spinoff?

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