Starring Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Enchong Dee, ‘Alter Me’ is a modern tale about the human drive to be better, and the relationships we seek to achieve that.

Netflix just dropped the teaser trailer for the upcoming Filipino title. In the 1:49 long video, we hear Uno (played by Enchong) as he differentiates the legit world from the alter world in social media. The latter, he explains, is where people are more comfortable expressing their real selves.

Enchong Dee as Uno in Netflix's Alter World | Photo Credits: Netflix
Enchong Dee as Uno in Netflix’s Alter World | Photo Credits: Netflix

The story

Uno is a coveted escort who gets hired by Aimee, a heartbroken HR manager with deep-seated trust issues, to help her regain her connection with other people and her emotions. Prompted to be Aimee’s “secret constant,” Uno gives the woman a series of advices, such as learning to smile more and flexing her fashion style, so she can be more open and connecting to others.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Aimee | Photo Credits: Netflix
Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Aimee | Photo Credits: Netflix

However, just as chemistry starts to form between the two, Aimee’s ex-lover (JC Santos) comes back begging for a second chance, reopening wounds and jeopardizing the progress she and Uno have made.

The film is directed by RC Delos Reyes, who shares his own thoughts on online relationships. “Nowadays, in the advent of technology and social media, we put on different masks and we create our own worlds. Hoping, that in that world we would be able to find the love and fulfillment we have always been seeking. Not realizing that the true change or ‘altering’ we have to do is always dependent on who we are and how honest we are to ourselves.”

‘Alter Me’ will be available for streaming starting November 15. It’s set to be the latest Filipino title to arrive on the streaming service, following ‘Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story’ that premiered on October 29. 

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