The Shining meets every horror house ever in Norwegian Netflix horror film Cadaver

Coming to Netflix this October, just in time for Halloween. Sign us up, please!

Yesterday, I saw the release of the official trailer for the first Norwegian Netflix horror film Cadaver. Today, I wake up to a nightmare set in that creepy, post-nuclear world brought about by the lingering horrors of the trailer’s minute and a half.


Cadaver tells the story of a family of 3 making every effort to survive the aftermath of a nuclear disaster. A hotelier nearby invites them, among other survivors, to a play with an enticing offer of a free meal–supposedly, to aid the starving survivors physically as well as emotionally.

The attendees are given golden masks to separate them from the actors as they weave their way through performances around the hotel. If the hotel setting wasn’t creepy enough, everything takes a sinister turn when, lo and behold, audience members start disappearing.

Desperate humans on the verge of total starvation in a post-apocalyptic world, lured by a free meal at a hotel? What an absolutely genius hook, line, and sinker move!

Taking note of the horrors that seem to be happening within the halls of a shoddy hotel, netizens recall the Stanley Kubric-directed, Stephen King-written, The Shining. While Cadaver does look like it took some notes on the horrors played out on The Shining, it definitely feels a lot like every person’s worst nightmare upon entering a horror house. That being said though, I think I would be thrilled, albeit scared out of my wits, to enter a Cadaver-themed haunted house.

The thriller flick is set to be the streaming service’s first produced Norwegian film. Jarand Herdal wrote and directed the movie, which stars Gitte Witt, Thorbjørn Harr, and Thomas Gullestad. 

As a fan of horror who believes we’ve exhausted all possible horror scenarios, I am thoroughly impressed and can’t wait to watch it on Netflix this October 22!

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