Someone once said: “Give a Pinoy a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, he will teach you how to Dougie.”

We actually just invented that, but you get the point. Filipinos are notorious for their habit of finding the funny side of anything and everything under the sun. Today, the Philippines Bucket List Challenge is one of their trending targets.

Popularized by Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, The Philippines Bucket List Challenge started out as a Facebook content that urges Filipinos to visit every province included in the list. You can cross out the box beside the name of the place you’ve been to, and proceed to the next ones.

Just as expected, we couldn’t help but add some sprinkle of humor in it.

This hilarious content by Wandering Weekend Warrior is what you call a memefied version of the original one. Edi Sa Puso Mo is certainly a place a lot of us would have crossed out– our 14-year-old, jejemon selves, to be specific. But don’t you think Baguio With Jowa is somehow unfair and discriminatory? Many of us could only scream, “Sana all may jowa!”

This take of Earth Shaker also gives us the giggles. Well, not only that but also the headache since it reminds us of the horrors of urban traffic that we deal with every single day. It would take forever before getting out of the terrible maze that is Metro Manila traffic, so we might as well turn that list into a realistic one.

Most of these memes were hugely inspired by the creator’s frustrations over not being able to afford wanderlust living. Which is exactly why we find them amusing. That bucket list is a good tourism strategy, but for a typical Filipino, traveling is pricey.  It costs time and money, and these two resources are not easy to find. If we ever took the challenge seriously, chances are we’d spend a lifetime before completing that list.

How many places have you crossed out of that bucket list?

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