Party on, dudes!

The trailer is out for the much-awaited 3rd installment of the most excellent dudes of the universe, Bill and Ted!

The trailer was officially released on the so-called Bill and Ted day which was yesterday, June 9 which is 31 years after the day when the first installment, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure premiered its greatness to the entire world.

The original premise of the first two films in the trilogy was of Bill (played by Alex Winter) and Ted (played by Keanu Reeves), “the Two Great Ones” who’s music and wisdom indelibly inspiring the great utopian human civilization of 2688, being given the power to travel through time in that iconic telephone booth in order to ensure that the utopian world comes to fruition by their fate.

In the coming installment, Bill and Ted Face the Music, the two protagonists are middle-aged men and must work once again to achieve the same goal of uniting the world through their music, only this time, enlisting the help of their teenage daughters.


Bill and Ted Face the Music premieres on August 21, 2020 to the world when we hope our own futures align and the COVID-19 pandemic is at the very least contained so we can go out, party on with our dudes, and watch what promises to be the most excellent film of 2020.

Metro Manila’s GCQ guidelines at the moment, do not permit leisure and entertainment activities (e.g: cinemas) yet until the MGCQ is in place. According to Pres. Spokesperson Harry Roque in a press conference 2 days ago, it is highly likely that the MGCQ will be put in place after the GCQ ends on June 15 in Metro Manila and other areas especially if the number of COVID-19 positive patients continue to decline. ‘Til then, be excellent to each other and stay at home as much as possible dudes!

Who’s excited for Bill and Ted’s next adventure? Thoughts about having a 3rd film many years later?

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