Music is the food of life – and these individuals believe in playing it all the while. From boy bands to individuals to those who broke away from boy bands and stamped their presence in the world of entertainment – these musicians have some of the greatest fan followings. Not just that, they have won almost every accolade and award threre is to in the world of  music, giving them credibility to be some of the best musicians of all time.  Here’s a short list of all those who could be – and who knows, someday they could be as well.

  • Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has an distinctive voice that sets him apart from the crowd. Mars has been around since 2008, and released his first album in 2010. That album itself spawned three single hits, The Lazy Song, Grenade and Just the Way You Are. His second album, Unorthodox Jukebox had two more chartbusters, When I was Your Man and Locked Out Of Heaven. He is most famous for his single Uptown Funk, which released in 2014. He has sold more than 130 million copies, and that makes him one of the best selling artists of all time.  He has, under his belt, 11 Grammy Awards, nine American Music Awards and three Brit Awards.

  • Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes has had a debut at an early age, and that has attributed to some of the records he has broken. Mendes made his debut in 2013 and has released four albums until now. He is most famous for his song In My Blood from the 2018 album, Shawn Mendes. His 2020 album, Wonder, made him the youngest male performer to top the Billboard Top 100 with four albums.  He has won several awards, including MTV Europe Music Awards, iHeart Radio MMVAs,  and two American Music Awards. He has yet to win a Grammy Award.

  • Justin Bieber

And then comes Justin Bieber, the artist who’s evolution this generation has seen, possibly at the closest range. Justin started out as a regular pop star, but changed his genres a couple of years back, and has belted some surprisingly soulful songs since the past decade. His popularity is untouched though, and he still is one of the best dancers in the world.  He made his debut in 2009, with the EP My World.  His second album, My World made him the youngest male to top the Billboard 200. Bieber has had several firsts to his name, including the first Christmas Album to top the Billboard ever. He is one of the best selling artistes of all time, with more than 150 million album sales to his name.  He has won two Grammy Awards until now.

  • Michael Buble

Michael Buble makes this list for some of the most incredible songs that we have heard in the past decade or so. Buble made his debut back in 2000, making him one of the oldest talents in his list.  He is one of the few artists on this list who have been child entertainers. He has ten studio albums until now, with the last one, Love, releasing in 2018.

  • Adam Levine

Adam Levine made his debut with the band Maroon 5.  The group faced commercial failure with their 1996 album, The Fourth World, as Kara’s Flowers,  but went multi-platinum with their first album after reforming in 2001. Since then, they have released four albums. He has won a Teen Choice Award and an MTV Movie and TV Award.

  • Enrique

Enrique Iglesias is one of the most popular singers and performers of all time. He started performing in the nineties and has sevveral chartbusting albums to his name. He has sold more than 70 million records worldwide, making him one of the best selling artists of all time. Fans call him the King of Latin Pop. He has had won one Grammy Award and numerous others, including twenty three Billboard Music Aawards and eight American Music Awards. He has also won 5 Latin Grammy Awards and 10 World Music Awards.

  • Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik began his musical journey with an audition at the X Factor back in 2010.  He went on to form the boy band One Direction, which became one of the most selling boy ands of all time.  He has three albums to his name and numerous awards, including American Music Awards, Billboard Awardsd, Billboard Power 100 Awards, the BMI London and Pop Awards, the iH eartRadio Music Awards and the Teen Choice Awards.

  • Lenny Kravtiz

Lenny Kravitz made his debut back in the eighties, and is still relevant on the music scene. Like others, he is one of the best selling artists of all time. He has won four Grammy Awards and is most famous for the soundtrack for movies like Hunger Games.

These are the top living musicians in the world.  They have a huge fan following all over the world and are popular for their albums, singles, concerts and tours.  Do you have your favorite in this list? Make sure to tell us in the comments section. Do you like to read the top listicles in the music industry, make sure that you  bookmark us.