More than a decade since it first aired on TV, Community remains to be one of the best comedies ever made– if not the best.

Created by Dan Harmon, ‘Community’ first aired on NBC, before switching to Yahoo for its sixth and final season. Innovative, clever, and filled with the most interesting characters, the show became a cult favorite among its very niche audience for its subtle and intelligent use of meta-humor.

Across its six seasons that ran from 2009 to 2015, ‘Community’ managed to keep things unpredictable and relevant. Each episode is a testament to the writers’ wealth of creativity, from its wacky concepts, hilarious ways of poking fun at TV tropes and conventions, and pop culture references. This aspect of the series got fans calling the show “the most inventive” and “genre-bending.”

However, despite being critically acclaimed, the show fell short in ratings, prompting NBC to cancel it after its fifth season. But then again, thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, the world still gets to experience this sitcom masterpiece, if sitcom is what you call it.

In honor of the greatest comedy TV show ever made, here are 10 of the most hilarious quotes said by our favorite ‘Community’ characters.


“You are now creating six different timelines.”- Abed Nadir

In an episode called ‘Remedial Chaos Theory,’ the study group visit Troy and Abed’s shared apartment for a housewarming party. While seated around the dining table, Jeff proposes to roll a dice to see who will have to go down and get the pizza that has just been delivered. Abid warns Jeff that he’ll be creating six different timelines– a line that gets repeated all through the episode as it shows us what happens to each member of the group when they picked by the dice. It’s one of the most popular episodes of the series that you should check out if you want a glimpse of how smartly the show was written.


“Doing more than the minimum amount of work is my definition of failing.”- Jeff Winger

Jeff Winger, portrayed by Joel McHale, is known for his exceptional ability to talk. He can come up with the wittiest sarcastic remarks in the blink of an eye. He can persuade you to believe in things he himself does not believe in. It’s this talent that allowed him to live his pre-Greendale life pretending to be a lawyer. Needless to say, Jeff is a source of quotable quotes, whether it be serious, inspirational, or comedic, like the one above.


“Six seasons and a movie!”- Abed Nadir

Originally spoken by our beloved Abed in reference to a show called ‘The Cape,’ this one-liner became the world’s battle cry in the hopes of finally getting a film, apart from just six seasons of ‘Community.’ Even in 2021, people are spreading the message across the internet. There’s even a hashtag dedicated to this movement.


“How ’bout I pound you like a boy?! That didn’t come out right.”- Troy Barnes

Troy is being mocked by the group for his feminine way of sneezing. Jeff points it out by exclaiming, “Troy sneezes like a girl,” triggering Troy to respond with this quote. Realizing his comeback even reinforced the group’s mockery because “to pound someone like a boy” has silly implications, he quickly corrects himself in a hilarious way that only Donald Glover’s exaggeratedly stupid character could pull off.

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“I was never one to hold a grudge. My father held grudges, I’ll always hate him for that.”- Pierce Hawthorne

In the Season 2 episode titled “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking”, the group receives the news that Pierce Hawthorne is on his deathbed and wants to do each of them one last favor. Unbeknownst to them, the old man is simply messing with their heads and using their insecurities against them.

During Jeff’s turn, Pierce tells him that he has found his estranged father and he’s currently on his way to the hospital. The news does not sit very well with Jeff, who then lashes out at Pierce for using his position as an allegedly dying person to take revenge on each member of the group. Pierce responds by saying the above statement, which is obviously contradicting.


“I’ll make your ass sense!”- Shirley Bennett

Portrayed as a soft-spoken, devoted Christian, Shirley suddenly going beast mode never fails to bring out a laugh from the audience. In the season 2 episode called “Cooperative Calligraphy,” Shirley and Britta are arguing over their age, with the former insisting that they’re about the same age. Britta tells her that it would only be possible if time was linear, to which Shirley replies, “I’ll make your ass linear.” Britta says that her response doesn’t make any sense, and then Shirley launches the missile. According to fans, it’s one of Shirley’s greatest moments, and we cannot disagree.

Other honorable mentions:


“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a dean!”- Craig Pelton


“Pop, Pop!”- Magnitude


“I know what an analogy is. It’s like a thought with another thoughts hat on.”- Britta Perry


“I don’t take orders from girls. They don’t talk to me.”- Garrett Lambert

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