If you can’t get enough of Thailand’s thriller anthology ‘Girl From Nowhere’, here’s a list of other Thai dramas you can watch next.

Nanno (Chicha Amatayakul) of ‘Girl from Nowhere’ is ironically everywhere on the internet right now. The Thai series on epic revenge with a slice of creepy has held a position on Netflix Philippines’ Top 10 for weeks, currently sitting solidly at number 5.

For the unversed, ‘Girl From Nowhere’ follows a dangerous teenager named Nanno as she wreaks havoc in a series of schools, exposing the scandalous inner workings no one else dares to unveil. It consists of a 2-part and 11 stand-alone episodes that tackle a range of disturbing realities from pedophilia, academic pressure, bullying, and more.

Thailand’s film industry is starting to make waves, putting the country’s content out there beside Korean dramas and Japanese anime. So if you’re like us who want more of the dark but delightfully entertaining theme from ‘Girl From Nowhere’, here are a few other Thai dramas you can trust to give you the same thrill.

Check out our list below:

The Gifted

The Gifted is a 2018 Thai TV series produced by GMMTV. It revolves around  Ritdha High School’s unique and rather unfair class system wherein students are divided based on their academic ranking.

The series follows ‘Pang’, a low-class student who is suddenly accelerated to an elite, secretive program called the Gifted class. The students there are trained to discover and hone their potentials or supernatural abilities.


Also produced by GMMTV, Blacklist is about Akeanan, a school that’s well-known not just for their academics and sports, but also of secrets. Traffic (Korapat Kirdpan) goes to Akeanan when his sister Fah (Ploy Sornarin) suddenly disappears without a trace.

While investigating, Traffic finds himself in Room 4/6 and meets the outsiders of the school namely Andrew, Highlight, Title, Jim Bae, and Buntad – all members of a secretive group called ‘blacklist’. A shadow society dedicated to investigating the mysterious occurrences in their school.

ThirTEEN Terrors

Like the title suggests, Thirteen Terrors is a 13-episode anthology. It’s a series about a group of teens searching for the dark truth behind their school’s mysterious and brutal history. Each episode is helmed by a different director and some are understandably a hit or miss.

But like ‘Girl From Nowhere’, you can watch this series on any episode without worrying about the plot’s continuity. Thirteen Terrors is a show that will give you the creeps and a taste of true Asian horror.


A Gift To The People You Hate

Last on our list is a series that revolves around a store that sells gifts for the people you hate. Owned by a masked person, the shop offers four levels of gifts you can send. A gift to shame, frighten, hurt, or kill the receiver. Their lives are in your hands, and the shop will do your bidding.


All of these shows are available to watch on YouTube with English subtitles. Are you ready for another binge-watching spree?

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What other Thai dramas would you recommend?

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