Snoop Dogg proves that even the most chill loses his cool sometimes, especially when playing a video game.

I guess it’s safe to say that most– if not all– of us have been there: angry, hopeless, launching a stream of expletives inside our head, on the verge of smashing our device against the wall. But instead of causing permanent damage to something or someone valuable, we opt for the best option we have at the moment: plug the life out of the very enemy that’s causing us to go beast mode, a.k.a the video game we’re playing. If you found yourself saying “Been there, done that” in response to the situation above, it means you’ve already experienced the so-called rage quit.

A rage quit is defined as a gamer moment in which a player finds himself too overwhelmed by frustrations to continue playing, so he abandons the game before it ends. It can happen to anyone, not just to the hot-headed gamers but also to the most chill ones. This recent incident involving Snoop Dogg is a case in point.

One of the most iconic hip hop artists of all time, Snoop Dogg found himself in an outburst of emotions during a live Twitch stream on March 1st. Fifteen minutes into a Madden NFL 21 match, a touchdown from the opponent pushed the 49-year-old rapper over the edge, causing him to yell out the F word, pound on his table, turn off the console, and walk out. Yep, just like that, fans who wanted to just “Sit Back, Relax, and Chill“– which is the stream’s title, strangely enough– got nothing but a temper tantrum from their favorite rapper. And things didn’t end there.

In the heat of the moment, the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” hitmaker forgot to end his live-stream before he walked out of the room, so the stream continued for seven more hours. It means the 3000 people watching were left with nothing but silence and an empty chair. For seven hours. And it wasn’t until a certain someone happened to walk into the room and decided to cut the Twitch stream.

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Well, rage-quitting happens to the best of us, so there isn’t really anything extraordinary about this incident. However, we’re talking about our guy Snoop Dogg, who has the reputation of being an incredibly laid-back person. We can only guess what he did to calm down after he left.

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